Monday, March 17, 2014

Start here for the most complete information about every Cook County judicial contest

Here is where FWIW organizes all the data -- links to the websites, questionnaire responses, video appearances, all the evaluations, all the endorsements I can independently verify -- all so you, the voter, can make the most informed choices possible when you vote for judges in Cook County.

What follows is a list of the various Cook County judicial contests. Each contest on the list is a link to the post about that race. Voters can navigate back and forth from this post to any contest on their ballot in which they may be interested. A link at the bottom of each post will bring you right back here.

I'll keep 'bumping' this post up on the page to increase its visibility (and hopefully its usefulness) for visiting voters.

Please note: Even when this post is at the top of the page, merely scrolling down the page will not get you to all the Organizing the Data posts. Some are posted on page two of this blog.

What Cook County judicial race are you interested in?
Appellate Court -- Gordon vacancy
Appellate Court -- Murphy vacancy (uncontested)
Appellate Court -- Steele vacancy

Countywide -- Arnold vacancy
Countywide -- Burke vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide -- Connors vacancy
Countywide -- Egan vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide -- Felton vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide -- Howse vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide -- Lowrance vacancy (uncontested)
Countywide -- McDonald vacancy
Countywide -- Neville vacancy
Countywide -- Reyes vacancy
Countywide -- Veal vacancy

2nd Subcircuit -- O'Neal vacancy

3rd Subcircuit -- Donnelly vacancy

4th Subcircuit -- Billik vacancy
4th Subcircuit -- Mulhern vacancy

7th Subcircuit -- Hardy-Campbell vacancy (uncontested)
7th Subcircuit -- Taylor vacancy

9th Subcircuit -- Goldberg vacancy
9th Subcircuit -- Meyer vacancy
9th Subcircuit -- Preston vacancy

10th Subcircuit -- "A" vacancy

11th Subcircuit -- "A" vacancy

12th Subcircuit -- Jordan vacancy

13th Subcircuit -- Iosco vacancy

15th Subcircuit -- Doody vacancy
15th Subcircuit -- Sterba vacancy
Individual "Organizing the Data" posts will be updated as necessary (and as often as I can) right up until the March 18 primary. Each post will bear the date on which it was first posted, but I will add the latest update date at the top of each post so readers can track when it was last changed.