Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Harris lead holding in the race for the Gordon vacancy on the Appellate Court

There are only 74 Chicago precincts that have yet to report at this hour in the race for the Gordon vacancy on the Illinois Appellate Court.

Judge Freddrenna Lyle still leads in the City numbers, but her margin is fairly small, only 4,329 votes:

DEM - Appellate Court Judge (Vac of Gordon)
1997 out of 2069 precincts (96.52 %)

Shelly A. Harris52,27435.75 %
Susan Kennedy Sullivan37,36025.55 %
Freddrenna M. Lyle56,60338.71 %

There are only four precincts outstanding in the suburbs, but Justice Harris has a pretty good lead in these returns:

Appellate Court Judge (Vacancy of Gordon)    
Registered Voters: 1,451,593 Vote For 1  
Ballots Cast: 99,347
1,639 of 1,673 Precincts Reported
Turnout: 6.84%
Precincts Reporting Status Bar
% Votes
Shelly A. Harris (Democratic)
Susan Kennedy Sullivan (Democratic)
Freddrenna M. Lyle (Democratic)

The combined numbers put Harris up by just under 5,000 votes.

Justice John B. Simon is the apparent winner in the race for the Steele victory on the Appellate Court, with significant margins in both the City and suburban returns.

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