Sunday, March 16, 2014

More on the value of slating: Helpful readers provide data

I've been asking FWIW readers for copies of sample ballots received at home or palm cards received at early voting. A helpful reader provided this mailer from the Democratic Committeeman of Wheeling Township.

As you can see, the ballot tracks the countywide judicial slating down the line, both for the Appellate Court and Circuit Court.

But I've been curious as to who, if anyone, had been slated in the 12th Subcircuit. The Indo-American Democratic Organization, a group that was 100% compliant with the countywide judicial slate, endorsed James Edward Hanlon, Jr. for the Jordan vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit. In Wheeling Township, as you can see, Judge James L. Kaplan is endorsed.

I had hypothesized, from the data provided by the IADO, that Hanlon may have been the consensus choice of the committeemen in the 12th. I asked for data confirming or refuting this hypothesis. Wheeling undermines the theory.

Northfield Township explodes it. The sample ballot from Northfield Township soft-sells the countywide judicial slate, but the only judicial candidate pushed there or on the endorsements page of the local party website is Judge James L. Kaplan.

If you'd like to share a ward or township mailer that you've received, please email a scan to

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