Monday, March 17, 2014

More on the value of slating: Looking at a split in the 11th Subcircuit, possible evidence of consensus in the 4th Subcircuit

The Leyden Township Democratic Party has published a sample ballot on its website. The image was too long and narrow for me to reproduce legibly here but, if you follow the link, you will see that the Leyden Democrats are pillars of orthodoxy when it comes to countywide judicial slating, both for the Appellate and Circuit Courts. In the four-way 11th Subcircuit race, however, Leyden backs Joanne Rosado.

Proviso Township, on the other hand, though also completely in line with the county Democratic Party on the countywide judicial ticket, backs Pamela McLean Meyerson in the 11th Subcircuit race. Here is the Proviso party sample ballot (click on image to enlarge or clarify):

Proviso's ticket is consistent with the Democratic Party of Oak Park candidate list in that Meyerson is favored over Rosado (click on image to enlarge or clarify).

Still, the apparent absence of consensus among 11th Subcircuit committeemen will be something to consider when looking at tomorrow's results in the race for the "A" vacancy in the 11th Subcircuit.

Portions of Proviso Township are also in the 4th Subcircuit and, as you may have noticed from the sample ballot reproduced above, the Proviso ballot suggests Maureen Masterson Pulia for the Billik vacancy and John Michael Allegretti for the Mulhern vacancy in the 4th. A portion of Leyden Township is also in the 4th Subcircuit and the Leyden Democrats have made the same recommendations in those races. This suggests -- possibly -- the outcome of a slating meeting among the 4th Subcircuit committeemen. Readers, of course, may know differently. If you have information concerning the slating, or lack thereof, in either the 11th or 4th Subcircuits, please email me at

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