Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Judge James L. Kaplan appointed to new countywide vacancy

The Illinois Supreme Court has reappointed Judge James L. Kaplan to the Cook County Circuit Court. Judge Kaplan's new appointment, effective February 2 and terminating December 5, 2016, is to the countywide vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Patrick W. O'Brien. (Yesterday's order appointing Judge Kaplan initially said the appointment was effective February 1; it was subsequently corrected.)

The Illinois Supreme Court first appointed Judge Kaplan to the bench in 2010. Most recently, Judge Kaplan was the Democratic nominee for judge in the far north suburban 12th Judicial Subcircuit. His most recent appointment terminated December 1.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Judge Roger G. Fein reappointed to the Cook County Circuit Court

The Illinois Supreme Court has reappointed Judge Roger G. Fein to the Cook County Circuit Court.

The new appointment, to the 12th Subcircuit vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Robert J. Quinn, is effective January 2, 2015 and will terminate December 5, 2016. Judge Fein has been serving pursuant to a series of appointments for over a decade. His most recent appointment, to the Donnelly vacancy in the 3rd Subcircuit, terminated December 1.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Esrig to return to the bench; will fill vacancy created by retirement of Judge Andrew Berman

Judge Jerry A. Esrig was appointed to the 9th Subcircuit Goldberg vacancy in October 2013. He was not able to hold that seat in the March primary, losing to Megan Goldish in a contest between two of the most highly-rated candidates (in the views of the bar associations) on the primary ballot. Judge Esrig's appointment terminated on Monday, December 1, when the new class of judges was sworn in.

But the Illinois Supreme Court has today appointed Judge Esrig to a new 9th Subcircuit vacancy, one that will open up on January 29, when Judge Andrew Berman retires. Judge Esrig's new appointment is effective January 30 and will terminate on December 5, 2016.