Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anthony C. Swanagan appointed to 15th Subcircuit vacancy

In an order entered yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Anthony C. Swanagan to the 15th Subcircuit vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Frank G. Zelezinski.

Swanagan's appointment is effective April 24 and terminates December 3, 2018.

According to ARDC, Swanagan has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1987. He currently serves as a career clerk to U.S. District Court Judge Andrea R. Wood. Earlier in his career, Swanagan was employed by Jones, Ware & Grenard and as general counsel for Galileo International, Inc.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

2018 campaign website announced for Judge Fredrick H. Bates

A campaign website has been established for Judge Fredrick H. Bates. That's a link to the website in the preceding sentence; when there are a few more of these, this will be added to the list of campaign websites I'll set up in the blog sidebar.

Judge Bates currently serves by appointment to the Lampkin vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit. His campaign website touts his two years' experience as a Circuit Court judge (prior to his current appointment, Judge Bates served in a different, countywide vacancy), 15 years as an administrative law judge, and 15 more as an attorney. The site lists attorneys Louis C. Cairo, of Goldberg Weisman & Cairo, and Larry Rogers Jr., of Powers, Rogers & Smith as campaign co-chairs (Rogers also serves as a Commissioner of the Board of Review). The website also lists 34th Ward Ald. Carrie M. Austin, 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale, 21st Ward Ald. Howard B. Brookins, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, 6th Ald. Roderick Sawyer, and Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough are listed as honorary campaign co-chairs.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Who Sits Where -- Supreme Court Rule 67(B)(2) Edition

Supreme Court Rule 67(B)(2) provides (emphasis supplied),
A [judicial] candidate shall not personally solicit or accept campaign contributions. A candidate may establish committees of responsible persons to conduct campaigns for the candidate through media advertisements, brochures, mailings, candidate forums and other means not prohibited by law. Such committees may solicit and accept reasonable campaign contributions, manage the expenditure of funds for the candidate's campaign and obtain public statements of support for his or her candidacy. Such committees are not prohibited from soliciting and accepting reasonable campaign contributions and public support from lawyers. A candidate's committees may solicit contributions and public support for the candidate's campaign no earlier than one year before an election and no later than 90 days after the last election in which the candidate participates during the election year.
We will pause now for an important message:
I am not an election lawyer. Persons interested in running for judge should consult with an election lawyer of their own choosing before making any campaign-related decisions.
However, with that clearly stated, I believe it is safe to say that it is now legal for judicial wannabes to establish committees and for those committees to raise funds.

A lot of the blanks have been filled in since the last time I ran this list, but there will be more vacancies, if there aren't already. This list will be updated as circumstances warrant and time permits.

As always, all errors of omission or commission in this list are mine alone and I am grateful for additions and corrections provided.

Countywide Vacancies

Vacancy of the Hon. Eileen Mary Brewer -- Litricia P. Payne
Vacancy of the Hon. Russell W. Hartigan -- Cecilia A. Horan
Vacancy of the Hon. Michelle D. Jordan -- Clare J. Quish
Vacancy of the Hon. Sheila McGinnis -- Marina E. Ammendola
Vacancy of the Hon. Jean Prendergast Rooney -- Elizabeth A. Karkula

Subcircuit Vacancies

2nd Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Bertina E. Lampkin -- Fredrick H. Bates
Vacancy of the Hon. Marjorie C. Laws -- Adrienne E. Davis
Vacancy of the Hon. James L. Rhodes -- Toya T. Harvey
Vacancy of the Hon. John D. Turner, Jr. -- Travis Richardson
Vacancy of the Hon. Camille E. Willis -- Unfilled

3rd Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Maureen Leahy Delehanty -- Patrick T. Stanton

4th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Thomas Davy -- Unfilled
Vacancy of the Hon. James Riley -- John A. O'Meara

5th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Patricia Banks -- H. Yvonne Coleman

6th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Gloria Chevere -- Kent A. Delgado
Vacancy of the Hon. Robert Lopez Cepero -- Stephanie K. Miller

8th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Candace J. Fabri -- Robin D. Shoffner
Vacancy of the Hon. Laura Cha-yu Liu -- Michael A. Forti
Vacancy of the Hon. Sheryl A. Pethers -- Myron F. Mackoff

10th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Eileen O'Neill Burke -- Stephanie Saltouros
Vacancy of the Hon. Donald J. Suriano -- Gerald V. Cleary

11th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Kathleen Kennedy -- Joanne F. Rosado

13th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Clayton J. Crane -- Unfilled
Vacancy of the Hon. Jeffrey Lawrence -- Michael Perry Gerber

15th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. George F. Scully, Jr. -- Diana L. Embil

Monday, March 20, 2017

Coleman appointed to Banks vacancy in 5th Subcircuit

The Illinois Supreme Court today appointed Loop practitioner H. Yvonne Coleman to the 5th Subcircuit vacancy created by the recent retirement of Judge Patrica Banks. The appointment, which is effective next Monday, March 27, expires on December 3, 2018.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Coleman concentrated her practice "in employment and civil rights litigation, workplace investigations, and mediation." She previously served, according to the LinkedIn profile, as Bureau Chief of the Civil Rights and Disability Rights Bureaus in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, and as Manager and Chief Hearing Officer, Appeals Division, with the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Coleman also served as General Counsel with the City of Chicago Independent Police Review Authority, according to LinkedIn.

Coleman has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1988. She filed for a countywide vacancy in the 2014 Primary, but withdrew from that race. She also filed for a 5th Subcircuit vacancy in the 2016 election cycle, but withdrew from that race also.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Two vacancies filled in Second Subcircuit

In separate orders yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed a pair of Cook County Assistant Public Defenders, Toya T. Harvey and Adrienne E. Davis, to two Second Subcircuit vacancies.

Harvey (pictured at left) was appointed to the vacancy created by the recent retirement of Judge James L. Rhodes. Harvey has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1995, according to ARDC. Her appointment is effective on Thursday, March 16 and terminates on December 3, 2018.

An application process for the Rhodes vacancy was posted by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.

Davis was appointed to the vacancy created by the retirement of former Markham Presiding Judge Marjorie C. Laws. Davis, who has served as a part-time faculty member at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, has been licensed in Illinois since 1994, according to ARDC. Her appointment is effective on March 17; it also terminates, of course, on December 3, 2018.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

272 apply for associate judge in Cook County

If not all, then almost all of the recently appointed judges seem to have also completed applications for this new class of associate judges. The Supreme Court may giveth, but the Democratic Party sometimes taketh away. It's best to hedge one's bets.

Several former judges are on this list as well. Some of these were slated when they ran; some weren't. However, as I'd suggested in a Page Two post back in 2015, slating buys only credibility and access. The $40,000 buy-in (or whatever it may be for 2018) is like an NFL seat license: It just buys the candidate the right to buy tickets, in this case tickets to everybody else's fundraisers. And ads in everyone's adbooks.

And then, of course, there's SLATING... and then there's slating. And the electorate can be fickle, even when the committeemen are faithful. So, for many reasons, some judges wind up ex-judges, hoping to return via the associate judge selection process. Some just lost their spots; some have been gone for awhile.

FWIW readers will recognize a number of applicants on this list as candidates in previous election cycles. Many of these have applied for associate judge before as well. Some names will be particularly familiar because they'd previously made it to the Almost-Promised Land of the Fabled Short List. Almost-promised. These former finalists stand once again outside the wardrobe door, hoping it will fully open into Narnia this time but, if history is any guide, many will find only old coats.

Anyway, without further preface, here is the list of applicants.
  1. ADDUCI, Nancy Galassini
  2. AGRAWAL, Rishi
  3. AHMAD, Mohammad A.
  4. AIMEN, Julie Bess
  5. AIRAUDI, Joy Christine
  6. ALLEN, Shay T.
  7. ALONSO, Amee Elizabeth
  8. AMMENDOLA, Marina E.
  9. ANDREOU, Frank John
  10. ANTONIETTI, Erin Haggerty
  11. ARNOLD, Kina Nicole
  12. AUGUSTUS, Maria
  14. BAE, Jennifer Eun
  15. BALSON, Laura Adeline Shadle
  16. BARRETT, Michael Brendan
  17. BARRIDO, Jerome Celis
  18. BAUM, Gideon Abraham
  19. BAUMANN, Deidre
  20. BEACH, Charles Stanley
  21. BENSON, John Christopher
  22. BRAVE, Sunil Shashikant
  23. BILBREY, Kimberly R.
  24. BLAKE, Sandra Mary
  25. BLINICK, Robert Kendall
  26. BLUMENTHAL, Jeffrey S.
  27. BONDS TALLEYRAND, Andrea Daenille
  28. BRASSIL, John Hugh
  29. BRENNAN, Daniel H., Jr.
  30. BROOKS, Lloyd James
  31. BUIKEMA, Joel David
  32. BUNTINAS, Arunas R
  33. BYRNE, James Luke
  34. CAGE, Patrick Bernard
  35. CARROLL, John P., Jr.
  36. CASEY, Carol Anne
  37. CENAR, Richard G.
  38. CHRlSTOPHELL, Steve
  39. CHRONES, Jeffery George
  40. CHUPACK, Joel Louis
  41. CLARY, Joseph P.
  42. CLEARY, Gerald Vernon Patrick, III
  43. COAKLEY, Kellyn Doyle
  44. COLEMAN, H. Yvonne
  45. COLLINS, Cary James
  46. COOK, Christine Elizabeth
  47. COOPER, Christopher C.
  48. CORTESI, Nicholas James
  49. COSGROVE, Audrey Victoria
  50. COYNE, Daniel Thomas
  51. CRAWLEY, James Patrick
  52. CUNNINGHAM, Kevin P.
  53. CURRIN, Margaret Elizabeth
  54. CUSHING, Thomas Maloney
  55. DALY, Colleen Reardon
  56. DAUPHIN, Yolaine Marie
  57. DAVIS, Adrienne Elaine
  58. DAWKINS, Barbara Lynette
  59. DELGADO, Kent A.
  60. DE MATTEO, Gabriel Joseph
  61. DERICO, James Thomas, Jr.
  62. DICKMAN, Michael Joseph
  63. DIMOND, Karen Jane
  64. DOLAN, Alice Elizabeth
  65. DUNNEBACK, James Francis
  66. DYER, Deidre Myra
  67. EBERSOLE, Sabra Lynne
  68. EMBIL, Diana Lenore
  69. EVANS, Carl Lauras, Jr.
  70. FALAGARIO, Michael James
  71. FARMAKIS, Athena Aphrodite
  72. FELDMAN, Stephen Jason
  73. FELICIONE, Laura Lechowicz
  74. FERRANTE, Mark Vincent
  75. FLEMING, Dennis Michael
  76. FLORES, Barbara Nubia
  77. FORESTER, Laura Ellen
  78. FORTI, Michael Angelo
  79. FOTOPOULOS, John S.
  80. GALHOTRA, Kulmeet Singh
  81. GERBER, Michael Perry
  82. GILL, Jennifer Lynn
  83. GIOVANNINI, Dennis Arthur
  84. GLORIOSO, Mauro
  85. GOLDEN, Jean Mary
  86. GONZALEZ, Jennifer Lynn
  87. GONZALEZ, Peter Michael
  88. GOODRUM, Bernice
  89. GORDAN, Elias Martin
  90. GREEN, Jonathan Clark
  91. GREEN, Sanju Oommen
  92. GUDINO, Ruth Isabel 
  93. HANLON, James Edward, Jr.
  94. HARRIS, Robert Forsyth
  95. HARVEY, Toya Tinette
  96. HELLNER, Mark L.
  97. HENRY, Sheree Desaree
  98. HILL, Lawrence Napoleon
  99. HODAL, Joseph Anthony
  100. HOGAN, Michael James, Jr.
  101. HORAN, Cecilia Anne
  102. HOURIHANE, John Nahum
  103. HOVEY, Robert Jerome
  104. HOWSE, Natalie Lynn
  105. HUDSON, Nathalina A.
  106. HUGE, Lindsay Christopher
  107. HUGHES, Kevin Christopher
  108. JANNUSCH, Matthew William
  109. JOHN, Patrick Dankwa
  110. JONES, Celeste Kathleen
  111. JONES, Preston, Jr.
  112. KAHN, Eileen Susan
  113. KANTAS, Nicholas Alexander
  114. KARAVIDAS, Theodore George
  115. KARDAS, Kim Richard
  116. KARKULA, Elizabeth Anne
  117. KESSLER, Sheri C.
  118. KOCH, James B.
  119. KOEHLER, Julie Ann
  120. KOUGIAS, Thomas Peter
  121. KOZICKI, Scott Michael
  122. KREMIN, David Keith
  123. KRISLOV, Clinton Arthur
  124. KRUEGER, Steven Philip
  125. KUBALANZA, Joan Marie G.
  126. LACEY, Sammy Ward
  127. LANAHAN, Kathaleen Theresa
  128. LARIMER, Angela Sue
  129. LEVIN, Ellis Bernard
  130. LEVIN, Lawrence Wolf
  131. LOIZON, Yvette Colette
  132. LUBY, William Joseph
  133. LUQUE-ROSALES, Mercedes
  134. LUSKIN, Joshua Dante
  135. MACKOFF, Myron Franklin
  136. MAHER, John G.
  137. MAKOWSKI, Donna B.
  138. MALONE, Kimberly Michelle
  139. MALONEY, Edward James
  140. MALONEY LAYTIN, Kerrie Elizabeth
  141. MARCONI, Jerome Frank
  142. MARKOFF, Robert Glenn
  143. MAROVICH, Michael Jay
  144. MAYS, Celestia Laurene
  145. MECZYK, Ralph Eugene
  146. MELCHOR, Mary Alice
  147. MESSINEO, James Michael
  148. McCARTHY, Kelly Marie
  149. McCONVILLE, Terrence James
  150. McGUIRE, Thomas Frank
  151. McKENNA, Scott Darrell
  152. McMAHON, William John
  153. McNULTY, John Wesley
  154. MILLER, Stephanie Kathryn
  155. MOJICA, Lisette Catherine
  156. MOLITOR, Thomas Raymond
  157. MOLTZ, Ira Alexander
  158. MONREAL, Adam Peter
  159. MONTES, Paul Joseph, II
  160. MOORE, Kelly Ann
  161. MORRIS, Tisa Lynne
  162. MORRISSEY, Thomas Anthony
  163. MULAY, Megan Kathleen
  164. MULLENIX, James David
  165. MURPHY, James Vincent, III
  166. MURRAY, James C., Jr.
  167. NACH, Brian Michael
  168. NAVARRO, David Ricardo
  169. NAZARIAN, Nancy Ellen
  170. NESBIT, Nicole Chyrisse
  171. NIKOLIC, Daniel Peter, Jr.
  172. NORRlS, Scott
  173. NOWINSKI, Thomas E.
  174. OCHALLA, Kevin John
  175. O’CONNELL, Catherine Ann
  176. OGAREK, Margaret Mary
  177. O’LOUGHLIN, Kate Ryan
  178. O’MALLEY, Michael I.
  179. O’MEARA, John Andrew
  180. OSTOJIC, Radusa
  181. PANNITTO, Michael John
  182. PANTOGA, Ann Addis
  183. PARK, Jeanah
  184. PATTERSON, Monique Lenee
  185. PATTON, Nichole Catina
  186. PAYNE, Jennifer Joyce
  187. PAYNE, Litricia Pauline
  188. PERKINS, Marian Emily
  189. PERKINS, Robbin Eunise
  190. PETERS, Daniel Lawrence
  191. PEZANOSKI, Diane Marie
  192. PIEMONTE, Gina Angela
  193. PLESHA, Gregory Gerard
  194. PLOTNICK, Paul William
  195. PODLASEK, Robert Michael
  196. POLI, Carl (Carlo) Ettore
  197. POWER, Stephen Walter
  198. QUINN, Jill Rose
  199. QUISH, Clare Joyce
  200. RAKOWSKI, Leo Steven
  201. RASCIA, Ronald Anthony
  202. REGGI, Martin Douglas
  203. REILLY, James Michael
  204. RICE, Ashonta Cherron
  205. RICHARDSON, Travis
  206. RILEY, Shellé Eileen
  207. RIZZI, Steven J.
  208. ROPER, Lori Ann
  209. ROSADO, Joanne F.
  210. ROSEN, Lori Michele
  211. ROSENBERG, Geri Pinzur
  212. ROSS, Curtis Bennett
  213. SAINDON, Pamela
  214. SALAJANU, Ioana
  215. SALTOUROS, Stephanie D.
  216. SAMPEN, Don R.
  217. SANDERS, Catherine Dorothy
  218. SANTANA, Jaime Rafael
  219. SCANLON, Brian Patrick
  220. SCHOOP, Devlin Joseph
  221. SEATON, Debra Ann
  222. SEEDER, Myron Marshall
  223. SHAPIRO, James Anthony
  224. SHOFFNER, Robin Denise
  225. SIANIS, Athanasios (Tom) S.
  226. SIEGEL, Charles W.
  227. SILVA, Rosa Maria
  228. SIMMONS-FORD, Jade Ginese
  229. SIMPKINS, Anthony E.
  230. SMITH, Levander, Jr.
  231. SMITH, Trina
  232. SMUDA, Joan Ellen
  233. SNYDER, Martin Dockery
  234. SOLOMON, Donald Scott
  235. SPENCE, Keith Lenell
  236. STANIEC, Denise Y.
  237. STANTON, Patrick Thomas
  238. STEFFEN, Ketki Shroff
  239. STEPHENSON, Brian Joseph
  240. STROM, Michael Alan
  241. STROMSTA, Jon Karl
  242. STUDENROTH, David L.
  243. SUTTON, Arthur Dale
  244. SWANSON, Alfred M., Jr.
  245. SWANSON, Karin Elizabeth
  246. TAYLOR, Lisa M.
  247. TAYLOR, Mable
  248. THIBAULT, Renee Therese
  249. TIERNAN, Daniel Owen
  250. TOFT, Rachael Nicole
  251. TREVINO, Daniel Alexander
  252. TRISTAN, Gerardo, Jr.
  253. TROWBRIDGE, Bradley R.
  254. TYNER, Randall Louis
  255. TZINBERG, Scott William
  256. UNDERHILL, Edward J.
  257. VAHEY, Kathryn Maloney
  258. VELCICH, George Mario
  259. VROUSTOURIS, Alexander
  260. WALSH, Michael Daniel
  261. WATTS, Christopher Alexander
  262. WEAVER, Lynn Karyl
  263. WEBBER, Andrea Michelle
  264. WEBER, Adam Justin
  265. WESTON, Antoinette Denise
  266. WHITING, Oran Fresno
  267. WILK, John Francis
  268. WILLIS, Arthur Wesley
  269. WRENN, Jeanne Marie
  270. WRIGHT, James Adolph
  271. YU, William
  272. ZAMPARO, Roger, Jr.
Persons with relevant information regarding any associate judge applicant are invited to correspond with the Circuit Court of Cook County Nominating Committee, c/o Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, 50 West Washington Street, Room 2600, Chicago, Illinois 60602.