Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Italian American Political Coalition makes Cook County judicial endorsements

If you visit the website of the Italian American Political Coalition you will find that the organization is still displaying its endorsements for the 2012 primary. At least as of this morning.

But FWIW has been able to confirm that IAPC has made endorsements in some Cook County judicial races for the 2014 primary and I am now able to share the list here.

The IAPC made no endorsements for the Appellate Court.

In countywide judicial races, the IAPC endorses:
Bridget Anne Mitchell -- Arnold vacancy,
Linda L. Mastandrea -- McDonald vacancy,
Mary Alice Melchor -- Neville vacancy, and
James Patrick Crawley -- Veal vacancy
In Cook County Subcircuit races, the IAPC backs:
Maureen Masterson Pulia -- 4th Subcircuit, Billik vacancy,
John Michael Allegretti -- 4th Subcircuit, Mulhern vacancy,

Katherine A. O'Dell -- 10th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy,

Pamela McLean Meyerson -- 11th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy,

James Edward Hanlon, Jr. -- 12th Subcircuit, Jordan vacancy, and

John Curry -- 13th Subcircuit, Iosco vacancy.

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