Friday, March 28, 2014

Associate Judge "short list" not out -- yet

There's been a rumor swirling on Facebook that the Associate Judge list -- the "short list" -- would be out today. I've gotten a number of emails and phone calls about it already this morning -- I've even been given some names of persons who are on the list (even though my informant, in that case, had not seen the list himself).

I've just returned from Chief Judge Evans' office where I've been politely, but firmly, assured that there is no list -- not yet.

I've asked for a copy of the list when it is released and I hope to have it on FWIW just as soon as it becomes available.

But, right now, I'm told, there is no list.


Anonymous said...

Jack, please be assured the "short list" is out. Information coming from individual who has seen the list.

Jack Leyhane said...

I don't mean to suggest that the list isn't finalized. It's possible the list is complete, but not everyone on it has been notified; that would be one reason not to release it. I'm sure we could posit other valid reasons for trying to embargo the news, at least for awhile.

If a samizdat list is really circulating, even though it hasn't officially been released, I'm hopeful that someone will get it to me. But, for now, I'm standing by what I was told.

Anonymous said...