Friday, March 14, 2014

Indo-American Democratic Organization announces primary endorsements

The Indo-American Democratic Organization's endorsements for Tuesday's primary (shown above - click on image to enlarge or clarify) track the official Democratic Party slate in both its Appellate Court and countywide Circuit Court recommendations, although IADO's are not in ballot order.

In subcircuit races, Judge Jerry A. Esrig's last name is misspelled, but he is endorsed for the Goldberg vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit. Abbey Fishman Romanek's first name is misspelled, but she is endorsed for the 9th Subcircuit Meyer vacancy. Esrig, Anjana Hansen, and Romanek are the candidates backed by Cong. Jan Schakowsky in their respective 9th Subcircuit races. Although there was a slating meeting in the 9th Subcircuit, I was never able to confirm that any vote had been taken among the committeemen or what the result of that vote might have been. I've been told that Cong. Schakowsky's support is tantamount to slating in the 9th.

Judge Anthony C. "Tony" Kyriakopoulos is the officially slated candidate in the 10th Subcircuit.

Therefore, even though I've never been able to ascertain the outcome of any slating meetings among committeemen of the 4th or 12th Subcircuits, or even whether any took place, we can borrow the principle of ejusdem generis from the law of contract or statutory construction to hypothesize that John Michael Allegretti (4th Subcircuit, Mulhern vacancy) and James Edward Hanlon, Jr. (12th Subcircuit, Jordan vacancy) are the candidates with the most Democratic Party support in their respective races.

FWIW readers may have evidence supporting or refuting this hypothesis. Stay tuned.

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