Monday, March 03, 2014

49th Ward Democrats announce endorsements in judicial races

The Democratic Party of the 49th Ward has announced its endorsements for the March primary. The link will take you to a post from which you can download the ward organization's entire endorsement list, including its judicial endorsements.

The 49th Ward has traditionally reserved its right to dissent from the county slate. This year, while the 49th Ward has chosen to support all uncontested judicial candidates, all of the slated candidates for the Appellate Court, and many of the slated countywide candidates in contested races (Swanson, Raines, Rosario, and Buford), the 49th Ward chose to support Judge Peter J. Vilkelis over Kristal Rivers for the Connors vacancy and Linda L. Mastandrea over Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs for the McDonald vacancy.

The 49th Ward made endorsements in two of the three 9th Subcircuit races. In the race for the Meyer vacancy, the 49th Ward has chosen to back Anjana Hansen, while, in the race for the Preston vacancy, the 49th Ward has chosen to back Abbey Fishman Romanek. The 49th Ward Dems were unable to reach a consensus in the race for the Goldberg vacancy, splitting almost evenly between Judge Jerry A. Esrig and Megan Elizabeth Goldish but, Committeeman David Fagus advised me in an email earlier today, he and Ald. Joe Moore have decided to individually back Goldish.

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