Tuesday, March 18, 2014

McGuire victorious in 3rd Subcircuit race

Terrence J. McGuire has won his bid for the Donnelly vacancy in the 3rd Subcircuit over Lauren Brougham Glennon.

Here are the City numbers:

DEM - Judge 3rd Subcircuit - (Vac of Donnelly)
229 out of 233 precincts (98.28 %)

Lauren Brougham Glennon7,14738.69 %
Terrence J. McGuire11,32561.31 %

These are the Suburban results:

Judge, 3rd Subcircuit (Vacancy of Donnelly)    
Registered Voters: 65,296 Vote For 1  
Ballots Cast: 4,076
74 of 76 Precincts Reported
Turnout: 6.24%
Precincts Reporting Status Bar
% Votes
Lauren Brougham Glennon (Democratic)
Terrence J. McGuire (Democratic)

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