Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The slate wins five of six contested seats in countywide Circuit Court races

Slated candidate Kristal Rivers, however, is well ahead of Judge Peter J. Vilkelis in the race for the countywide Connors vacancy.

Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs, the party's slated candidate, is substantially ahead of Linda L. Mastandrea in the race for the countywide  McDonald vacancy.

Slated candidate Diana Rosario is comfortably in front of Stephen J. Feldman in the race for the Reyes vacancy.

Andrea Michele Buford is significantly in front of James Patrick Crawley and Kelly Maloney Kachmarik in the race for the Veal vacancy.

Slated candidate Bill Raines is leading in the race for the Neville vacancy, but the numbers are closer here than in the the Connors, McDonald, Reyes, or Veal contests.  These are the suburban numbers:

Judge, Cook County Circuit (Vacancy of Neville)    
Registered Voters: 1,451,593 Vote For 1  
Ballots Cast: 94,441
1,548 of 1,673 Precincts Reported
Turnout: 6.51%
Precincts Reporting Status Bar
% Votes
Carolyn Joan Gallagher (Democratic)
William B. Raines (Democratic)
Patricia S. Spratt (Democratic)
Mary Alice Melchor (Democratic)

Raines's margin in the City is much healthier:

DEM - Judge, Cook County Circuit (Vac of Neville, Jr.)
1669 out of 2069 precincts (80.67 %)

Carolyn Joan Gallagher28,98726.37 %
William B. Raines42,11538.31 %
Patricia S. Spratt24,04821.88 %
Mary Alice Melchor14,77013.44 %

So it looks like five of six slated candidates by the Democratic Party will prevail in their races (slated candidates were unopposed in five other countywide races).

However, the Democratic Party will not carry its entire countywide Circuit Court slate.  Bridget Anne Mitchell is on pace to comfortably prevail over Judge Alfred M. Swanson, Jr., the candidate slated by the Democratic Party, in the race for the countywide Arnold vacancy.

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