Thursday, March 06, 2014

Teamsters Local 700 makes endorsements in four Cook County judicial races

Teamsters Local 700 has made endorsements in four Cook County judicial races (and one Will County contest, in case someone outside Cook County got misdirected here by their search engine). That's a link in the preceding sentence to the page of Local 700's website on which the endorsements are announced.

Two countywide candidates were singled out by Local 700, William B. Raines (Neville vacancy) and Diana Rosario (Reyes vacancy).

Two subcircuit candidates also received the local's endorsement, Katherine A. O'Dell (10th Subcircuit, "A" vacancy) and Robbin Perkins (15th Subcircuit, Sterba vacancy).

Other unions have made endorsements in Cook County judicial races but these are not always published or otherwise readily confirmed. Unions, candidates or their supporters who'd like to get the word out about their endorsements, and who can provide me with this sort of information, are encouraged to email me at

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