Saturday, March 01, 2014

More Law Bulletin coverage of judicial races; Jewish Chicago analyzes races, offers endorsements

I've been trying to keep FWIW readers up to date with the Law Bulletin's surveys of contested Cook County judicial elections. The candidate questionnaire responses and financial disclosure information are not behind the newspaper's regular paywall. All of the Law Bulletin surveys to date are collected on this page.

In the last couple of days, the Law Bulletin has featured these races:

And if you haven't been able to find your newsprint copy of Jewish Chicago on your weekend travels, you can download your very own .pdf copy of the paper by clicking on the link in the preceding sentence. I haven't attempted to verify the claim, but Avy Meyers says he devoted 4,600 words to his analysis of countywide judicial races and races in the 9th, 10th and 12th Subcircuits. Along the way Jewish Chicago makes the following endorsements:

Appellate Court
Gordon vacancy -- Shelly A. Harris
Steele vacancy -- John B. Simon

Circuit Court -- Countywide
Connors vacancy -- Peter J. Vilkelis
Neville vacancy -- William B. Raines
Reyes vacancy -- Diana Rosario
Veal vacancy -- James Patrick Crawley

Circuit Court -- 9th Subcircuit
Meyers vacancy -- Anjana Hansen
Preston vacancy -- Michael A. Strom

Circuit Court -- 12th Subcircuit
Jordan vacancy -- James L. Kaplan

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