Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Cook County Circuit Court race are you looking for?

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Click on the vacancy and get information about all the candidates in that race.

Countywide races:

Subcircuit races:

This map will give you a rough idea of which subcircuit you're in. If you're still uncertain, check your voter registration card or use a site like the "Ballot Builder" on the Chicago Tribune website.

First Subcircuit
Coleman vacancy, Steele vacancy,
"A" vacancy

Third Subcircuit
Carmody vacancy, Darcy vacancy,
"A" vacancy

Ninth Subcircuit
Otaka vacancy, "A" vacancy

Eleventh Subcircuit
Riley vacancy

Fourteenth Subcircuit
"A" vacancy (uncontested)

Fifteenth Subcircuit
Lipinski vacancy, Panichi vacancy,
Phelan vacancy

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