Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Illinois Civil Justice League makes judicial endorsements

Herewith a list of the judicial endorsements made in contested Cook County judicial races by the Illinois Civil Justice League "through JUSTPAC, the ICJL's Political Action Committee." For a complete list of endorsements made by the ICJL in judicial races across the State of Illinois, visit

Appellate Court:
Cook County - O'Malley Vacancy: Don Sampen (D)

Cook County Circuit Court:
Countywide - Bronstein Vacancy: Diann Marsalek (D)
Countywide - Dolan Vacancy: Linda Pauel (D)
Countywide - Hayes Vacancy: Raymond Mitchell (D)
Countywide - Riley Vacancy: Russell Hartigan (D)
15th Subcircuit - Lipinski Vacancy: Joan Marie Kubalanza (D)
15th Subcircuit - Phelan Vacancy: John Griffin (D)

Hat tip to the ICJL's Allen Adomite for providing the information this morning.

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