Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19th Ward Democratic Organization makes its own judicial endorsements

This link to a page on the 19th Ward website will take you to a complete .pdf 'sample ballot' showing those candidates favored by that organization.

Herewith the 19th Ward's judicial endorsements (caps in original):

Appellate Court
(131) Arnette R. Hubbard (McNulty vacancy)
(137) THOMAS L. HOGAN (19th Ward Resident) (O'Malley vacancy)
(143) Sebastian T. Patti (South vacancy)

Circuit Court -- Countywide

(151) William H. Hooks (Berland vacancy)
(156) Diann K. Marsalek (Bronstein vacancy)
(161) Kevin J. Murphy (Dolan vacancy)
(163) Raymond W. Mitchell (Hayes vacancy)
(166) John Patrick Callahan, Jr. (Kelley vacancy)
(168) Daniel J. Gallagher (McCarthy vacancy)
(181) Thomas V. Lyons (O'Malley vacancy)
(184) Russell William Hartigan (Riley vacancy)

Circuit Court -- 3rd Subcircuit
(191) Allen F. Murphy (Carmody vacancy)
(197) EDWARD HARMENING (19th Ward Resident) (Darcy vacancy)
(201) Daniel Malone ("A" vacancy)

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