Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicago FOP judicial endorsements

The Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7, has made the following endorsements in Cook County judicial races:

Appellate Court

Jim Ryan - McNulty Vacancy
Aurelia Marie Pucinski -- O'Malley Vacancy
Mary Katherine Rochford -- South Vacancy

Circuit Court - Countywide

William Burnett Raines -- Berland Vacancy
Diann K. Marsalek -- Bronstein Vacancy
Kevin Murphy -- Dolan Vacancy
Raymond W. Mitchell -- Hayes Vacancy
John Patrick Callahan, Jr. -- Kelley Vacancy
Daniel Gallagher -- McCarthy Vacancy
Thomas Lyons -- O'Malley Vacancy
James Michael Bailey -- Riley Vacancy

Circuit Court - Subcircuits

Allen F. Murphy - 3rd Subcircuit (Carmody)
Edward Harmening - 3rd Subcircuit (Darcy)
Daniel Malone - 3rd Subcircuit ("A" Vacancy)

Dennis Fleming - 9th Subcircuit (Otaka)
Michael Bender - 9th Subcircuit ("A" Vacancy)

Kim Kardas -- 11th Subcircuit (Riley)

John C. Griffin -- 15th Subcircuit (Phelan)

Hat Tip to Allen Adomite of the Illinois Civil Justice League for this one.

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