Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet the Candidates event in South Loop tomorrow draws judicial hopefuls

I've received a couple of emails from Enrique G. Perez recently about a Meet the Candidates event he is organizing for tomorrow, January 30, at the Hotel Blake, 500 S. Dearborn. I have no prior acquaintance with Mr. Perez; perhaps a reader will provide some background in the comments. I can tell you, however, that Mr. Perez wrote, "I am not representing or campaigning for any candidate, but I am trying to send out information on as many of them as possible so voters can make an informed decision. I also am not representing any groups, although in my time as a 'community involved person' I have been affiliated with several of them. This venture however is entirely my own."

And Mr. Perez says he has drawn commitments now from several judicial candidates for his event tomorrow. Scheduled to appear between 11:00 and 11:30am tomorrow are:
  • Arnette Hubbard (D)
  • Kathleen Kennedy (D)
  • Aurelia Pucinski (D)
  • Mary Katherine Rochford (D)
  • Deirdre Baumann (D)
  • William Burnett Raines (D)
  • Diann Marsalek (D)
  • Bonnie Carol McGrath (D)
  • Joanne Fehn (D)
  • Terry MacCarthy (D)
  • Thomas V. Lyons (D)
  • Russell William Hartigan (D)
  • Maureen Masterson-Pulia (R)
I don't know whether candidates will be available before or after this time slot -- this is the last weekend before the primary and candidates will be trying to be everywhere at once. However if you're in the South Loop tomorrow morning, this might be an opportunity to "eyeball" a lot of judicial candidates all at once.

More information about this event, including a list of other candidates for other offices scheduled to appear tomorrow, may be found by clicking on Mr. Perez's name in the first paragraph or by visiting The Chicago Voter.

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Highly Qualified said...

I'll be there and let you know how it goes. I'm looking forward to asking Bonnie McGrath about her election fraud!