Friday, January 08, 2010

ISBA releases Cook County judicial candidate ratings

The Illinois State Bar Association has released its evaluations of judicial candidates running for Cook County vacancies in the 2010 Primary. In these charts HQ means Highly Qualified, Q means Qualified, and NQ means Not Qualified.

These evaluations represent the opinions of the ISBA's Judicial Evaluation Committee after reviewing detailed information supplied by candidates, a background check by lawyers who have received training as investigators, and interviews of each candidate. These ratings represent the committee's opinion of whether candidates have the necessary qualifications for service in the judicial office sought and are not a reflection of the candidates’ abilities as lawyers.

Technical note: If the images below appear a little blurry, click on it. That should provide a clearer image. The blurriness is entirely my fault. I tried to make all the images a uniform width... and apparently exceeded the limits of my technological competence in the process.

Cook County Appellate Court Vacancies

Countywide Vacancies

Cook County Subcircuit Vacancies

Thanks to the ISBA's Joyce Williams for providing this information. Ms. Williams also coordinates the ratings process for the Alliance of Bar Associations and she advises, as of this morning, that these are nearly complete and ready for release. I'll have them posted as soon as I can.

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