Saturday, January 30, 2010

About those Democratic Party endorsements....

I had an email this week from Loop attorney Bridget A. Mitchell pointing out that I had not included the endorsements bestowed on her brother, Judge Raymond W. Mitchell, by the 43rd Ward and 49th Ward Democratic organizations in my 'organizing the data' posts.

I had mentioned Judge Mitchell's endorsements by those groups when I put up posts about them (they're linked in the first paragraph)... but when I was putting the Hayes vacancy post up, it seemed to me, at that moment, like overkill. After all, once a candidate gets the county endorsement, one would expect the various ward and township organizations to fall into place. The news value would be where an organization failed to hew to the party line, right?

Of course, now that I've looked back over my other countywide posts, it looks like I included the 43rd and 49th Ward nods among the endorsements listed for other candidates slated by the Cook County Democratic Organization. In my defense I will only recall Emerson's line about consistency being the hobgoblin of little minds. (Nevertheless, for consistency's sake, I've changed the Hayes vacancy post.)

Meanwhile, there are additional township organizations posting endorsements online now. Some, like the Democratic Party of Oak Park and the Maine Township Democrats are in line with the county Circuit Court slate (although the Maine Township group misspelled Linda J. Pauel's name). On the other hand, Albert Klumpp was kind enough to send me this card from the Wheeling Township Democratic Organization:

According to this card, Wheeling Dems are backing Deidre Baumann over William H. Hooks, Joanne Fehn over John P. Callahan, and Russell W. Hartigan over Sandra Ramos.

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