Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicago Fire Fighters Union makes endorsements and recommendations in judicial races

I am indebted to a reader who was able to provide me with a list of the list of candidates endorsed by Local 2 for the upcoming primary.

I'll be updating the 'organizing the data' posts as soon as time permits to add these in. But, as it turns out, there's just a bit of a complication: In some judicial races, Local 2 found more than one candidate "recommended." So... herewith the list... with "endorsements" and "recommendations" both duly noted:

Appellate Court

McNulty Vacancy
Recommended: Jim Ryan, James Epstein

O'Malley Vacancy
Recommended: Aurelia Pucinski, Thomas L. Hogan

South Vacancy
Endorsed: Mary Katherine Rochford


Circuit Court -- Countywide

Berland Vacancy
Recommended: William H. Hooks, William Burnett Raines

Bronstein Vacancy
Endorsed: Diann K. Marsalek

Dolan Vacancy
Endorsed: Linda J. Pauel

Hayes Vacancy
Endorsed: Raymond W. Mitchell

Kelley Vacancy
Endorsed: John Patrick Callahan, Jr.

O'Malley Vacancy
Endorsed:Thomas Lyons

Riley Vacancy
Recommended: Sandra G. Ramos, James Michael Bailey


Circuit Court -- Subcircuits

1st Subcircuit (Coleman Vacancy)
Endorsed: Thaddeus L. Wilson

1st Subcircuit (Steele Vacancy)
Endorsed: Michelle Hugghis Flagg

3rd Subcircuit (Carmody Vacancy)
Endorsed: Allen F. Murphy

3rd Subcircuit (Darcy Vacancy)
Endorsed: Edward S. Harmening

3rd Subcircuit ("A" Vacancy)
Endorsed: Daniel Malone

9th Subcircuit (Otaka Vacancy)
Recommended: Abbey Fishman Romanek, Yehuda Lebovits

9th Subcircuit ("A" Vacancy)
Endorsed: Michael Ian Bender

11th Subcircuit (Riley Vacancy)
Recommended: Lisa A. Marino, John Michael Lagattuta, Steven J. Fruth

14th Subcircuit ("A" Vacancy)
Endorsed: Daniel J. Pierce

15th Subcircuit (Lipinski Vacancy)
Recommended: Linzey D. Jones, Frank James Ryan

15th Subcircuit (Panichi Vacancy)
Endorsed: George F. Scully

15th Subcircuit (Phelan Vacancy)
Endorsed: John C. Griffin

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