Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Illinois Committee for Honest Government announces Cook County judicial endorsements

Updated January 19, 2010

An email from Randall Sherman, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Illinois Committee for Honest Government, brings a list of Cook County judicial candidates endorsed by that organization for the upcoming primary.

The ICHG makes endorsements statewide in races up and down the ballot and you can find this list on this page of the ICHG website.

Sherman advises that "the Illinois Committee for Honest government was formed in 1986, and works in part to seek increased responsiveness in all levels and branches of government (which includes the judicial branch). Our endorsements are made to help provide the electorate with a guide towards achieving that goal."

The ICHG has endorsed these candidates in the following Cook County judicial races:

James R. Epstein (1st District – McNulty vacancy).
Aurelia Marie Pucinski (1st District – O’Malley vacancy).
Anthony Lynn Burrell (1st District – South vacancy).

CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE (Cook/Countywide):
William H. Hooks (Berland vacancy).
Diann K. Marsalek (Bronstein vacancy).
Linda J. Pauel (Dolan vacancy).
Bonnie Carol McGrath (Hayes vacancy).
Joanne F. Fehn (Kelley vacancy).
Daniel J. Gallagher (McCarthy vacancy).
Thomas V. Lyons (O’Malley vacancy).
Tracey J. Stokes (Riley vacancy).

CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE (Cook Subcircuits):
Thaddeus L. Wilson (1st – Coleman vacancy).
Joseph Chico (1st – Steele vacancy).
Bonita Coleman-John (1st – Judgeship A).
Steven G. Watkins (3rd – Carmody, Jr. vacancy).
Edward Harmening (3rd – Darcy vacancy).
Daniel Malone (3rd – Judgeship A).
Yehuda Lebovits (9th – Otaka vacancy).
Michael Ian Bender (9th – Judgeship A).
Maritza Martinez (11th – Riley vacancy).
Linzey D. Jones (15th – Lipinski vacancy).
George F. Scully (15th – Panichi vacancy).
Nichole C. Patton (15th – Phelan vacancy).

I am still trying to get my hands on endorsement lists released by several organizations, including the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7; the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, the Italian American Political Coalition... basically, if a group has made endorsements, I'd like to reveal them. But I'm looking for information directly from the endorsing groups, not the happy candidates on whom an endorsement has been bestowed (if for no other reason than that the candidates do not always know who else received that group's endorsement).

Readers: If you know -- or (this being Chicago) if you know someone who knows -- please pass the information along.

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Anonymous said...

Their website actually says "In addition to seeking various reforms and improvement in election laws and procedures (a battle that has raged ever since), the founders of the ICHG also agreed to seek increased responsiveness in all levels and branches of government, and to seek the the prosecution of election frauds in Illinois."

So I wonder if they can explain why they endorsed Bonnie McGrath? I realize they did it before today's Daily Law Bulletin article pointing out her election fraud; "Finding that McGrath and her notary engaged in 'intolerable dupicity' in violation of state election laws and notary laws..."

Or the Board's findings that her misconduct was "particularly shocking" because she was running for judge.

The Board even said they fully expect the matter to be pursued by those agencies with power.

Obviously they didn't mean these folks.

Way to blow your credibility guys.