Monday, January 25, 2010

NTNM to air "extra" judicial candidate interviews

Avy Meyers has announced a couple of new editions of North Town News Magazine -- extras -- to air before the February 2 primary. The first of these shows has been scheduled to appear on January 30 on CAN-TV (Channel 19) at noon. An air date has not been set for the second show -- but both shows are available now through the North Town News Magazine web site.

Candidates for Cook County Circuit Court countywide vacancies interviewed on the programs are Joanne Fehn, candidate for the Kelley vacancy; Deidre Baumann, candidate for the Berland vacancy; and William Burnett Raines, also a candidate for the Berland vacancy (making a second appearance on NTNM this campaign season).

Two 9th Subcircuit candidates, both running for the "A" vacancy, are also interviewed. These are William J. Luby and Mary S. Trew.

You can watch any of these interviews right now on page two of this blog by clicking on any of the linked candidates' names.

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Sherm said...

Wait. Is there actually an airing by Avy Meyers that DOESN'T include Michael Bender? Michael must have come home late for dinner last night...