Monday, January 11, 2010

More proof that voters are interested in the election of qualified judges

I received an invitation tonight to join a Facebook Group, Cook County - Know Your Judicial Candidates, a page set up for the 2008 judicial primary by a non-lawyer, Steve Levinthal. I joined.

Mr. Levinthal is looking to update his Facebook page for the coming primary and he apparently came across For What It's Worth in the course of his research.

The point is that, no matter what the Tribune editors may think, voters like Mr. Levinthal do exist and are trying to educate themselves, and their friends and neighbors, about how to choose among judicial candidates on some criterion other than sonorous surnames. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we're finding each other.

This technology stuff is really kind of cool, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I thought you legal guys got taught in school about not trying to present facts that are not in evidence. So why do you say that the editors of the Tribune are thinking?

(If anything, their endorsement of Andy McKenna for Governor might be construed as eviddence of their inability to think, until I realized that McKenna's dad has been tied in with the Tribune (as a stockholder) for some years.