Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Early, early, early results in judicial races

Berland Vacancy
With just under 18% of the suburban vote reported, Judge William H. Hooks has 46.82% of the vote, Deidre Baumann has 31.36% and William Burnett Raines has 21.82%.

No City votes are yet reported.

Bronstein vacancy
Terry MacCarthy has the early lead in this contest, with 35.57% of the vote reported. The slated candidate, Diann Marsalek, is running fourth -- with 20.62% of the vote -- but Thomas William Flannigan, in second place, has 22.7% and Sharon Finegan Patterson has 21.11%.

Again, there are no City votes reported yet.

Dolan vacancy
Susan Kennedy Sullivan has the early lead in this contest, with 37.44% of the votes reported so far. Linda J. Pauel is in second right now, with 30.24% of the vote, while Kevin J. Murphy has 26.74%. Ubi O'Neal is trailing the field in this one.

And, guess what? There are no City votes yet reported in this race.

More in a few moments.

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