Tuesday, February 02, 2010

9th Subcircuit suburban votes nearly in

With 161 of 185 suburban precincts reporting, Judge Geary W. Kull is leading Abbey Fishman Romanek, 36.93% to 31.38% in the race for the Otaka vacancy. Judge Yehuda Lebovits, who holds this seat by Supreme Court appointment, is in third place with 20.18% of the vote. Dennis Michael Fleming is also in this race.

Steven James "Steve" Bernstein leads in the race for the "A" vacancy with 30.47% to 23.99% over Judge Michael Ian Bender, who was appointed to this vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court. Mary Susan Trew is running third at this point with 23.6% of the vote.


And, no, I still can't get anything out of the City elections website.

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