Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Meanwhile, on the South Side

One of the three races in Cook County's 3rd Judicial Subcircuit looks extremely close: Only 19 votes separate Judge Edward Harmening from Thomas J. Murphy in the race for the Darcy vacancy. With 82 of 88 suburban precincts counted and 231 out of 252 City precincts reporting, Harmening has 14,981 votes while Murphy has 14,962 votes.

The other two races in the Third Subcircuit are not as close.

Judge Allen F. Murphy seems destined to hold onto the Carmody vacancy. Thomas G. O'Brien won the suburban part of the subcircuit, but only by a few hundred votes. Judge Murphy's margin in city precincts (with 91.67% of the votes counted) is about 5,400 votes.

Judge Daniel Malone appears to have won comfortably in his bid to hold the seat to which the Supreme Court appointed him, in the "A" vacancy.

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