Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Update on 3rd Subcircuit Darcy race

Most of the other judicial contests in Cook County were settled at a fairly decent hour yesterday (scroll down the page for results) but, when last I checked yesterday, only 19 votes separated Judge Edward Harmening from his closest challenger, Thomas J. Murphy.
In the gray light of morning, the numbers are still close, but Judge Harmening has emerged with a 223 vote lead. This in only "comfortable" in the sense that (as Gov. Quinn said last evening... or was it early this morning?) one vote up is a "landslide."

As with the gubernatorial primaries, not all the votes are counted in this race. Still, 86 of 88 suburban precincts have checked in, with Murphy besting Harmening outside the City limits, 3,957 to 2,632. Inside the City, however, with 96.43% of the votes counted (243 out of 252 precincts), Harmening leads Murphy 13,413 to 11,865.

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