Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Updating judicial races

City website still loading... maybe...

But the County website has refreshed.

Now nearly 32% of the suburban Cook County vote is in.

Here are the current leaders in judicial races.

Appellate Court

McNulty Vacany -- Judge Jim Epstein

O'Malley Vacancy -- Judge Aurelia Marie Pucinski

South Vacancy -- Judge Mary Katherine Rochford

Circuit Court -- Countywide

Berland Vacancy -- Judge William H. Hooks

Bronstein Vacancy -- Terry MacCarthy

Dolan Vacancy -- Susan Kennedy Sullivan

Hayes Vacancy -- Raymond W. Mitchell

Kelley Vacancy -- Judge John Patrick Callahan, Jr.

Riley Vacancy -- Russell William Hartigan

Circuit Court -- Subcircuits

These are extremely preliminary here. Only 4 of 52 precincts reporting:

Coleman Vacancy (1st Subcircuit) -- Judge Thaddeus Wilson

Steele Vacancy -- Sharon Oden-Johnson

There are more precincts counted in the 11th Subcircuit -- 49 out of 144. Ann Finley Collins is leading over Lisa A. Marino and Judge Steven J. Fruth -- and eight others.

I'll come back to the subcircuits later.

Meanwhile I need to try and get the City site moving. It is still not loading on my computer....

If there was an election between the County Clerk and the City Board of Elections for best website, I'd cheerfully cast my vote for the County Clerk's site.

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