Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Update on 9th Subcircuit Otaka race

Most of the other judicial contests in Cook County were settled at a fairly decent hour yesterday (scroll down the page for results) but one that seemed to close to call was the race for the Otaka vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit. When last seen, Judge Geary W. Kull had only a 250 vote margin over Abbey Fishman Romanek.
It's even closer now.

Thanks to a thousand vote margin in the City (3,232 to 2,213) Romanek has closed the gap to only 83 votes. The City figures are based on 107 out of 110 precincts (92.97%). Meanwhile, the suburban numbers favored Kull -- 8,708 to 7,606 -- with 182 of 185 precincts reporting.

These add up (and I used a spreadsheet, not pencil and paper) to Kull - 10,921 to Romanek - 10,838.

Perhaps some better informed person can leave a comment today with updated information.

If it becomes available today.


Albert said...

Suburban totals with all precincts now counted: Kull 8895, Romanek 7804. That narrows the total to Kull 11108, Romanek 11036. A 72-vote spread with just the three city precincts left.

At the moment the city website is glitching and not displaying any totals. Will check again later.

Albert said...

New city figures: Romanek 3286, Kull 2249. It's not indicated, but I count 110 precincts reporting, which would be final. Combined total: Kull 11144, Romanek 11090. Spread of 54 votes.

Geary said...

I think he won by 54!!!! If these numbers are final (and I counted 110 precints) then he did it!

Jessica Kull