Tuesday, February 02, 2010

3rd Subcircuit suburban results

I keep saying suburban results because the City site is not showing ANY results in judicial races yet -- even though someone said on CLTV ahile ago that 70% of the Chicago vote was in.

Anyway, in the race for the Carmody vacancy, with 86% of the suburban precincts reporting, Thomas G. O'Brien leads Judge Allen F. Murphy, who was appointed to this vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court. The margin, however, is only 290 votes -- and there are only 88 suburban precincts in the 3rd Subcircuit (76 counted so far).

In the Darcy vacancy, Thomas J. Murphy has a slightly larger lead over Judge Edward Harmening (1169 votes) -- but, again, consider that this is just a small piece of the overall picture.

Judge Daniel Malone leads in the race for the "A" vacancy. His nearest competitor in the race at this point is Mary McNamara.

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