Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Countywide Circuit Court roundup

Berland Vacancy -- Judge William H. Hooks tallies big numbers in holding this seat. He was appointed to this vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2008. He was endorsed by the Cook County Democratic Party.

Bronstein Vacancy -- Terry MacCarthy beat Sharon Finegan Patterson to win this race. Diann K. Marsalek, who was slated by the Cook County Democratic Party, finished third.

Dolan Vacancy -- Susan Kennedy Sullivan appears to be maintaining, and even extending, her slim lead over the Cook County Democratic Party's slated candidate, Linda J. Pauel. Earlier this evening, with 86.51% of the City vote and 91% of the suburban vote counted, Sullivan had a 3,468 vote lead. Now, with 92.97% of the City vote in and 95% of the suburban vote in, Sullivan has 141,704 votes, Pauel has 138,043 -- a margin of 3,661 votes.

Hayes Vacancy -- Judge Raymond W. Mitchell will hold this seat.

Kelley Vacancy -- Judge John Patrick Callahan, Jr. has a comfortable margin over his only challenger, Joanne Fehn.

Riley Vacancy -- Slated candidate Sandra G. Ramos has a roughly 18,000 vote margin over nearest challenger Russell William Hartigan. Tracey J. Stokes ran third in this seven-person race.

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