Tuesday, February 02, 2010

42% of suburban votes counted in the 15th Subcircuit

Olympia Fields Mayor Linzey D. Jones is leading in the race for the Lipinski vacancy. Closest at the moment are Pat Flanagan and Nicholas W. Karas.

Judge George F. Scully is leading in the race for Panichi vacancy. Mary Therese Quinn is his closest competitor at the moment.

Judge John C. Griffin is leading in the race for the Phelan vacancy, with 32.24% of the votes counted so far. Thomas "TJ" Somer is currently in second place, with 20.97% of the vote.


Meanwhile the City website just reported no votes posted yet in the countywide Hayes vacancy. That's been loading now for 15 minutes. Where the heck is CLTV getting City numbers? Or are they loading only top-of-ballot races? And does that make any sense?

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