Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Early, early, early results in judicial races -- part 2

Hayes vacancy
Judge Raymond W. Mitchell has a narrow lead in early returns over Bonnie McGrath. These are suburban returns, with only about 18% of the vote reported, but at this point Mitchell leads McGrath 44.35% to 41.29%.

Carl B. Boyd is the third candidate in this race.

Kelley vacancy
Judge John Patrick Callahan, Jr. is comfortably ahead of Joanne Fehn in early suburban returns, 72.24% to 27.76%.

Riley vacancy
Russell William Hartigan has a narrow lead over slated candidate Sandra Ramos in this race, 28.17% to 27.37%.

James Michael Bailey, Edmund Paul Michalowski, and Tracey J. Stokes follow in third, fourth and fifth places, each with just over or under 12% of the vote.

John Patrick Nyhan and Marvin W. Gray round out this field.


8:13pm -- CLTV says over 70% of the City vote is counted. But the City Board of Elections web site is not working -- and when it has (as mentioned) NO numbers were shown.

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