Monday, March 12, 2018

Valuable resource for downstate judicial voters -- and more information for judicial voters in Cook County, too

FWIW readers know that this blog focuses on Cook County judicial races -- but there are 101 other counties in Illinois besides County Cook.

If you are a voter in one of those other counties who may have arrived here via search engine, may I redirect you to, a service of the Illinois Civil Justice League. Visitors will find links there to, and information about, every single judicial race in the entire state -- including our own Cook County.

Some of the Cook County coverage on links back to posts on FWIW (for which I'm grateful). But the ICJL also asks all judicial candidates to provide responses its questionnaire. This year, the ICJL asked judicial candidates to answer these questions:
  1. State the qualifications and experiences that make you qualified to serve on the bench in Illinois.
  2. One prominent Illinois judicial evaluation survey asks attorneys to evaluate candidates on Integrity, Impartiality, Legal Ability and Temperament. Critique yourself in these four areas as to how they make you qualified to serve on the bench.
  3. Describe the case in which you are most proud of your work as a lawyer.
  4. Name one change you would make in the Illinois court system.
  5. Are there civil litigation reforms that you would like to see enacted to remedy particular problems that you have detected, either as a practicing lawyer or as a sitting judge? Are there reforms that would benefit the civil justice system? What needs to be changed? Should the enactment of any such changes be the province of the legislature, the Supreme Court or by Constitutional amendment?
  6. Do you believe that our judicial system adequately deters and penalizes frivolous litigation? If not, what reforms would you like to see?
  7. Do you believe the Illinois Constitution precludes legislative establishment of limitations on civil damages? Are there or should there be distinctions among economic, non-economic and punitive damages?
The vast majority of Cook County judicial candidates did not respond to the ICJL Questionnaire. Those that did include Keely Patricia Hillison, Fredrick H. Bates, John Andrew O'Meara, Martin D. Reggi, H. Yvonne Coleman, Edward J. Underhill, Rishi Agrawal, Stephanie Saltouros, Gwyn E. Ward Brown, Gerald Cleary, Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald, and Christine Svenson. (If time permits, I will update the Organizing the Data Posts with these links to the ICJL Questionnaire responses.)

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