Thursday, March 08, 2018

The Tribune completes its Cook County judicial endorsements

Words I never thought I'd see in a Tribune editorial about judges... "the three candidates in this race are all qualified for the bench"... "another strong field"... "[v]oters can't go wrong"....

The Tribune seems to have refrained from snark and even from its customary, even reflexive, demand for "merit selection."

I'm sure it won't last. But, anyway, you can read yesterday's Tribune editorial here and today's at this link.

Meanwhile, here is the complete list of Cook County judicial candidates that have received the Tribune's blessing for the March 20 primary:

Countywide Races

Brewer Vacancy - Oran F. Whiting
Clay Vacancy - Kathaleen Theresa Lanahan
Dooling Vacancy - Timothy John Leeming
Flanagan Vacancy - Preston Jones, Jr.
Hartigan Vacancy - Cecilia Anne Horan
Jordan Vacancy - Clare Joyce Quish
McGinnis Vacancy - Peter Michael Gonzalez
Rooney Vacancy - Jack Hagerty

Subcircuit Races

1st Subcircuit, Hambright Jr. Vacancy - Litricia Payne

2nd Subcircuit, Lampkin Vacancy - Fredrick H. Bates
2nd Subcircuit, Laws Vacancy - Adrienne Elaine Davis
2nd Subcircuit, Rhodes Vacancy - Toya T. Harvey
2nd Subcircuit, Turner Jr. Vacancy - Travis Richardson
2nd Subcircuit, Willis Vacancy - Debra A. Seaton
2nd Subcircuit, Valarie Turner Vacancy - Devlin Schoop

3rd Subcircuit, Delehanty Vacancy - Patrick Thomas Stanton

4th Subcircuit, Davy Vacancy - David R. Navarro
4th Subcircuit, Riley Vacancy - John Andrew O'Meara

5th Subcircuit, Banks Vacancy - H. Yvonne Coleman
5th Subcircuit, Jones Vacancy - David L. Kelly
5th Subcircuit, Washington II Vacancy - Robert Harris

6th Subcircuit, Chevere Vacancy - Kent A. Delgado
6th Subcircuit, Cooke Vacancy - Charles "Charlie" Beach
6th Subcircuit, Lopez Cepero Vacancy - Stephanie Miller

8th Subcircuit, Fabri Vacancy - James "Jamie" Shapiro
8th Subcircuit, Liu Vacancy - Michael A. Forti
8th Subcircuit, Pethers Vacancy - Myron "Mike" Mackoff

10th Subcircuit, O'Neill Burke Vacancy - Stephanie Saltouros
10th Subcircuit, Suriano Vacancy - Gerald Cleary

11th Subcircuit, Kennedy Vacancy - Joanne Rosado

12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - Joel Chupack (Democratic Primary)
12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - David Studenroth (Republican Primary)

13th Subcircuit, Crane Vacancy - Gary William Seyring (Republican Primary)
13th Subcircuit, Lawrence Vacancy - Michael Perry Gerber (Republican Primary)

14th Subcircuit, Garcia Vacancy - Marina E. Ammendola

15th Subcircuit, Scully Jr. Vacancy - Michale B. Barret
15th Subcircuit, Zelezinski Vacancy - Anthony C. Swanagan

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Anonymous said...

Several of the endorsements make no sense. Particularly in one instance, the endorsed candidate received negative bar ratings from two bar associations while their opponent received favorable ratings from all.