Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Contests now set for three 13th Subcircuit vacancies

The third time proved the charm for Gary W. Seyring.

After falling short in the 2014 and 2016 primaries, Seyring won his race tonight for the Crane vacancy, besting Susanne Groebner 10,806 to 7,698.

Seyring will now face former Judge Ketki "Kay" Steffen in November. Steffen was unopposed in the Democratic primary for this vacancy.

In the race for the Lawrence vacancy, Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald handily defeated appointed Judge Michael Perry Gerber. Fitzgerald will now face Shannon P. O'Malley, the Democratic nominee. O'Malley began his legal career sub nomine Philip Spiwak.

Christine Svenson was unopposed for the Republican nomination for the O'Donnell vacancy. She will face Judge Samuel Betar III in November. Betar was likewise unopposed for the Democratic nomination.


Anonymous said...

The real story of yesterday's primary... a ton of judges lost their jobs!

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I've said before and I will say it again. The Supremes are not doing anyone a favor by appointing people to the bench based on their "family and friends" plan.

These individuals end up leaving their jobs or practices on a hope and a prayer that the local party bosses get them elected after their appointment.

In fact, the committeeman have demonstrated time and again that they are not bound by any decision the Supremes make without their advise and consent and will in fact work hard for their local favorites. And I for one don't blame them.

Any lawyer that accepts such an appointment without first securing the support of the majority of their party leadership does so at their own risk.

I will be weighing in on the 6th sub-circuit races at a later time and will be doing so in the Judge Delgado, Beach and Miller posting.

As always, E. P.