Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bad night for slated candidates in 8th Subcircuit

Three appointed judges were slated in the 8th Subcircuit.

Judge Robin Denise Shoffner was slated for the Fabri vacancy. Judge Michael A. Forti was slated for the Liu vacancy. Judge Myron “Mike” Mackoff was slated for the Pethers vacancy.

All appear to be going down to defeat.

With 85.17% of the votes counted, it looks like former Judge James “Jamie” Shapiro will return to the bench, leading with 21,445 votes to Shoffner’s 12,384. Bonnie McGrath is third in the field of five candidates in this race.

Lindsay Hugé has a 2,900 vote edge over Forti, 17,901 to 15,012. ASA (and former Luvabull) Athena A. Farmakis has polled over 12,000 votes in her first judicial campaign.

Judge Jeanne Wrenn was appointed to a new 8th Subcircuit vacancy just last month. But she was already seeking the Pethers vacancy – and it appears that she has won this race, leading Mackoff 20,391 to 16,060. First-time judicial candidate Rishi Agrawal has polled 10,006 votes.

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