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List of Cook County judicial candidates providing statements on County Clerk's website

If you've been browsing the Organizing the Data posts here on FWIW, you will note several instances where I tried to link to candidate statements on the Cook County Clerk's website.

Any of you who have clicked the links, however, were taken, not to the statements themselves, but only to an introductory screen containing this:

There's probably some way to bypass this thing, but I haven't found it. And I got frustrated -- and stopped trying to put the links in.

But I would like voters to have the opportunity to review candidate statements (even if those candidates did not provide me with In Their Own Words statements) (those, at least, I could link to directly, but whatever).

So, here's what you have to do to see the candidate statements on the Cook County Clerk's website: Click here. That takes you to the introductory screen, a portion of which is reproduced above. Choose your party. Scroll down to the candidate in whose statement you are interested. If a candidate's name is not hyperlinked, there is no statement. If there is a hyperlink, at least on a desktop or laptop, the statement will open in a window on top of the candidate list (I haven't tried it on a mobile device yet).

As of this writing, the following Cook County judicial candidates have provided statements on the Cook County Clerk's website:

Democratic Candidates
(Scroll down for Republican candidates)


Brewer Vacancy - Oran F. Whiting
Brewer Vacancy - Kathryn Maloney Vahey

Clay Vacancy - Kathaleen Theresa Lanahan
Clay Vacancy - Jonathan Clark Green
Clay Vacancy - Michael I. O'Malley
Clay Vacancy - Lori Ann Roper

Dooling Vacancy - Tom Sam Sianis
Dooling Vacancy - Timothy John Leeming
Dooling Vacancy - Corri Diane Fetman

Egan Vacancy - Rosa Maria Silva

Flanagan Vacancy - Amanda Moira Pillsbury
Flanagan Vacancy - Preston Jones Jr.
Flanagan Vacancy - Keely Patricia Hillison
Flanagan Vacancy - Ioana Salajanu

Hartigan Vacancy - Cecilia Anne Horan
Hartigan Vacancy - Keith L. Spence

Jordan Vacancy - Clare Joyce Quish
Jordan Vacancy - Jerry Barrido

McGinnis Vacancy - Peter Michael Gonzalez
McGinnis Vacancy - Bradley R. Trowbridge

Rooney Vacancy - Jack Hagerty
Rooney Vacancy - Mable Taylor


2nd Subcircuit, Lampkin Vacancy - Tiana Ellis Blakely
2nd Subcircuit, Lampkin Vacancy - Fredrick H. Bates

2nd Subcircuit, Laws Vacancy - William H. Laws
2nd Subcircuit, Laws Vacancy - Adrienne Elaine Davis

2nd Subcircuit, Rhodes Vacancy - Toya T. Harvey

2nd Subcircuit, Turner, Jr. Vacancy - Travis Richardson
2nd Subcircuit, Turner, Jr. Vacancy - Ieshia Gray

2nd Subcircuit, Willis Vacancy - Sheree D. Henry
2nd Subcircuit, Willis Vacancy - Ubi O'Neal

2nd Subcircuit, V. Turner Vacancy - Devlin Schoop
2nd Subcircuit, V. Turner Vacancy - Arthur Wesley Willis

3rd Subcircuit, Delehanty Vacancy - Patrick Thomas Stanton
3rd Subcircuit, Delehanty Vacancy - Michael Hayes
3rd Subcircuit, Delehanty Vacancy - Kevin Patrick Cunningham

4th Subcircuit, Davy Vacancy - David R. Navarro
4th Subcircuit, Davy Vacancy - Caroline Jamieson Golden

4th Subcircuit, Riley Vacancy - John Andrew O'Meara
4th Subcircuit, Riley Vacancy - Elizabeth Ciaccia-Lezza
4th Subcircuit, Riley Vacancy - Danny Collins
4th Subcircuit, Riley Vacancy - Martin D. Reggi

5th Subcircuit, Banks Vacancy - H. Yvonne Coleman
5th Subcircuit, Banks Vacancy - Gino Betts

5th Subcircuit, Jones Vacancy - Marian Emily Perkins
5th Subcircuit, Jones Vacancy - David L. Kelly

5th Subcircuit, Washington II Vacancy - Mary Alice Melchor

6th Subcircuit, Chevere Vacancy - David C. Herrera
6th Subcircuit, Chevere Vacancy - Kent Delgado
6th Subcircuit, Chevere Vacancy - Sean Patrick Kelly

6th Subcircuit, Cooke Vacancy - Edward J. Underhill
6th Subcircuit, Cooke Vacancy - Andrea Michelle Webber

6th Subcricuit, Lopez Cepero Vacancy - Stephanie K. Miller

8th Subcircuit, Fabri Vacancy - James "Jamie" Shapiro
8th Subcircuit, Fabri Vacancy - Stephen J. Feldman
8th Subcircuit, Fabri Vacancy - Robin Denise Shoffner

8th Subcircuit, Liu Vacancy - Lindsay Hugé
8th Subcircuit, Liu Vacancy - Michael A. Forti
8th Subcircuit, Liu Vacancy - Athena A. Farmakis

8th Subcircuit, Pethers Vacancy - Rishi Agrawal

10th Subcircuit, O'Neill Burke Vacancy - Stephanie Saltouros
10th Subcircuit, O'Neill Burke Vacancy - Gwyn E. Ward Brown
10th Subcircuit, O'Neill Burke Vacancy - Lorraine Murphy

10th Subcircuit, Suriano Vacancy - Colleen Reardon Daly
10th Subcircuit, Suriano Vacancy - Gerald Cleary
10th Subcircuit, Suriano Vacancy - Jill Rose Quinn

11th Subcircuit, Kennedy Vacancy - Joanne F. Rosado
11th Subcircuit, Kennedy Vacancy - Scott J. Frankel

12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - Joel Chupack
12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - Carmine Trombetta
12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - Thomas Raymond Molitor

14th Subcircuit, Garcia Vacancy - Beatriz A. Frausto-Sandoval

15th Subcircuit, Scully Jr. Vacancy - Ashonta Rice-Akiwowo
15th Subcircuit, Scully Jr. Vacancy - Michael B. Barrett

15th Subcircuit, Zelezinski Vacancy - Anthony C. Swanagan
15th Subcircuit, Zelezinski Vacancy - Scott McKenna

Republican Candidates


12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - David Studenroth
12th Subcircuit, Maki Vacancy - Alan M. Jacob

13th Subcircuit, Crane Vacancy - Gary William Seyring
13th Subcircuit, Crane Vacancy - Susanne Groebner

13th Subcircuit, Lawrence Vacancy - Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald

13th Subcircuit, O'Donnell Vacancy - Christine Svenson

What Cook County judicial race are you interested in?

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Mine up there now Jack, if you want to add me to the list... I tried early on, after filing, and had some technical trouble. Thanks for the reminder to go back and try again....