Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eight of 10 slated candidates win countywide races

Looking for a last time this evening at the countywide races:

Two slated candidates got in without opposition, Rosa Maria Silva and Thomas F. McGuire.

Slated candidates winning contested races are Judges Preston Jones Jr., Cecilia Anne Horan, Clare Joyce Quish, Peter Michael Gonzalez.

Tom Sam Sianis appears to be eking out a victory over Timothy John Leeming and Corri Diane Fetman. In City returns, with 94.25% of the votes counted, Sianis has 115,658 votes, Fetman 100,108, and Leeming 98,959. In the suburbs, Sianis has 89,130 votes, just a few thousand more than Fetman’s 86,264 (Leeming had 80,745 votes in the suburbs).

Jack Hagerty is leading Mable Taylor by 33,000 votes in City returns and by 54,000 votes in suburban returns.

So eight slated candidates will apparently win. But two will not.

Judge Oran F. Whiting has apparently fallen to Kathryn Maloney Vahey. With 93% of the City votes counted, Vahey leads 137,977 to 119,335. In the suburbs, Vahey leads 117,069 to 86,300. John Maher was the third candidate in this race.

Slated candidate Jonathan Clark Green will fall to Kathaleen Theresa Lanahan. In City returns, Lanahan leads 114,686 to 89,325; in suburban returns, Lanahan is up 102,155 to 58,680. Michael I. O’Malley and Lori Ann Roper were also candidates in this race.


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Jack Leyhane said...

Anon @6:49, the news cycle moves so fast these days that, by tomorrow, no one may remember why your comment was funny. Someone might even think you were being mean -- but I found the comment ochen horosho.

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The question will be...will Whiting and Green make the short list and if so, can they prevail?