Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More countywide results -- three appointed judges lead in races for McGinnis, Hartigan, and Flanagan vacancies

With 78% of the suburban votes counted, and 73% of the City votes in, Peter Michael Gonzalez holds a fairly comfortable lead over former ASA Brian Terrence Sexton in the race for the countywide McGinnis vacancy. Adding both vote totals up, Gonzalez leads with 224,577 votes to Sexton’s 134,524. Bradley R. Trowbridge is also in this race.

Another appointed judge, Cecilia Anne Horan holds a commanding lead over Keith L. Spence in the race for the Hartigan vacancy.

In the four-way race for the Flanagan vacancy, Judge Preston Jones, Jr. has a nearly 95,000 margin over ASA Amanda Moira Pillsbury, his nearest competitor, in combined City and suburban returns.

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