Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Judge Delgado leading in his 6th Subcircuit race, Judges Beach and Miller trailing

With 84.62% of the votes counted, Judge Kent Delgado appears headed for a convincing victory in the race for the Chevere vacancy in the 6th Subcircuit.

That may not be a surprise.

But some may be surprised that Andrea Michelle Webber leads both Judge Charlie Beach and Edward J. Underhill in the race for the 6th Subcircuit Cooke vacancy. In this three-way race, Webber has 48.64% of the vote, with 15,396 votes to 9,789 for Beach.

In the race for the Lopez Cepero vacancy, Judge Stephanie K. Miller trails Linda Perez by roughly 2,000 votes.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to fine Judge Delgado. You did not beat, but you destroyed the E.P. candidate that moved into the subcircuit. A fine job by a fine Judge.

Oh, and Andrea Webber !!! "Let the Mom be the Judge" Absolutely brilliant. This just goes to show that throwing around a lot of money will not ensure you keep your black robe. You have have to be smart about how you throw your money around and be well liked in your subcircuit. Another E.P. candidate down in flames.

Oh, Oh, and Linda Perez !!! I have to give credit where credit is due. You did it with this one E.P. So I guess your batting average is .333 which is ok for B-Ball but not elections.

Oh, Oh, Oh, and don't you dare take credit for anything that happened in the 11th or countywide because you had NOTHING to do with that.

Very truly yours,
Can't stop laughing in the 6th

Jack Leyhane said...

Anon 3/21 @ 11:51 -- E.P. can take care of E.P., so I won't undertake that, but it occurs to me that there a number of factors here that were more important than whether E.P.'s candidates were well or badly served. I would suggest two, at least: (1) Lisa Madigan's decision not to run again, and (2) Luis Gutiérrez's subsequent decision to step aside in favor of Chuy Garcia. I am inclined to think that Berrios's increasing troubles in the course of the campaign also diverted attention away from the judicial campaigns.

I submit that, in August, the powers-that-be in the 6th Subcircuit were all set up for a bare-knuckle proxy war, with the judicial candidates as the proxies -- but then the September and November surprises sucked all the oxygen out of those races. And then the Tribune went after Berrios, Kaegi spent money and got traction, and the judicial candidates were left on their own.

From what I could tell, Delgado was the least effected by all these events. He wasn't going to get any help from Mr. Berrios or his loyalists anyway. And he seemed to be everywhere, doing everything. I would suppose that that's a pretty good recipe for victory in any campaign.

As for Webber, it's pretty obvious that women candidates outperformed male candidates in a great many races. I'm sure there were purely local factors about which I know nothing at all, but Webber did better than 40% in every ward, and that's a pretty good recipe for success in a race with three strong candidates.

Anonymous said...

Being a qualified female definitely helps at the polls but what hurts at the poles is letting the pressure of the election lead to negative behavior that causes enemies. All three races were interesting, with Perez and Webber being out spent significantly.

Anonymous said...

No Jack, Lisa Madigan, Luis Gutierrez, Chuy Garcia, or Joe Berrios had little impact on the results in the 6th. From what I saw and heard no one in (what is remaining of the historically strong) ward organizations really cared about two of the three judges running to keep their jobs. To his credit, Judge Delgado (like unopposed Cooke in 2016) worked in the neighborhood for many years and was already very well known before his campaign even started. You can not fake that, or as Beach, and to a lesser extent, Miller, try to buy that. I guess it is ok to spend a ton of money on an election just as long as you do not think you are buying real neighborhood credibility. You just come off looking like a poser. Huge congratulations to Andrea Webber. Not for running a great campaign, because she didn't - but for seeing the opportunity, not being scared, and jumping in the race. She won the day she got on the ballot just like Anne Loftus did two years earlier.

Anonymous said...

A white woman can win in the 6th. It has been done several times. A white man CAN NOT. Lechowicz, Ahern, Underhill, Beach, Underhill (2nd try), and Kelly. So do not even try. Do not comment back and ask about Richard Cooke because having all the big Ward Bosses clear the field does not count. Great job Webber, Perez and Delgado.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. Qualified is a relative term as neither Webber nor Perez had the best bar ratings in their respective races (in fact, Perez was found NOT qualified by two bar associations). Neither soon-to-be judge was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune or any other major organization issuing endorsements . On paper it appears that neither Webber nor Perez spent much money but all of those pink signs didnt pay for themselves and the thugs that threatened and scared off volunteers didn't help Perez for free.
It is the way of the 6th subcurcuit. Congratulations to Judge Delgado for prevailing over two incredibly unqualified candidates (don't take my word for it, check the bar ratings). And to Judges Beach and Miller, you both got beat by powers beyond your control. Here's to hoping you remain on the bench through the associate process as you are infinitely more qualified than the victors.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. Linda Perez won because of her family and friends; not because of E.P. Though Linda and David Herrera were "her candidates", everyone knew that she was double crossing them and working for Stephanie Miller and Kent Delgado. All this in furtherance of helping her only true candidate, Charlie Beach. She had been spotted by multiple people passing out palm cards every day for the opposition as well as holding clandestine meetings at bars on North Ave. As for Charlie Beach, playing all sides and going negative just showed people his true colors. Hat tip to Arroyo's camp for attacking back with the negative mailer in regards to Beach linking him with Berrios. It was brilliant.

Moral story here dear readers, loyalty and your word goes a long way in this business and if you can't be loyal or trustworthy, you will go down in flames ala Beach and E.P.

Congratulations Linda Perez for a victory that no one including E.P. thought you could achieve.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do a little more research before you blame the loses on too much money spent or a lack of neighborhood connection. Reported money spent is different than actual money spent. At least the sitting judges had the ethical resolve to report their spending as opposed to the others. As for neighborhood connections, maybe you should find out when Perez really moved into the sub circuit. Maybe you should find out when Webber really moved into the sub circuit. Maybe you should find out who is actually involved in neighborhood organizations and their children's schools in the sub circuit. It won't be Perez and Webber but very much will show it is Miller and Beach.
At the end of the day, none of it matters. Judges will be on the bench qualified or not. It will be interesting to see which 6th subcircuit judge will next be in the press for refusing an assignment to traffic court or giving an interview in her backyard during work hours or falsifying residency documents and then getting caught by trying to refinance a mortgage. It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, not really, ALL CAPS. Joanne and her wonderful Nana made a beeline right to the Fullerton Avenue office of one Luis Arroyo not long after she lost her 2016 run in the 11th. Luis talked to Don and Don talked to Mary Jane and Joanne got the appointment. Then Luis talked to Don again and made sure there was not going to be one of the famous Oak Park Secret Double Crosses on the 20th. The candidate herself and her Nana knew she was a winner and she deserves ALL the credit in the world. She knew where to go and what to do. Actually, thank Jesus she did not go to E.P. or her go to guy, Chairman J.B. The sun has set on that nonsense. Congratulations Joanne.

Jack Leyhane said...

Anon 3/22 @12:17 -- Wow.

On paper it appears that neither Webber nor Perez spent much money but all of those pink signs didnt pay for themselves and the thugs that threatened and scared off volunteers didn't help Perez for free.

Really? And where and to whom was this reported before now? Where did thugs scare off volunteers? When? How?

Congratulations to Judge Delgado for prevailing over two incredibly unqualified candidates (don't take my word for it, check the bar ratings).

Yeah, and when you do, you'll see that Judge Delgado did have higher bar ratings -- he was in fact one of the highest rated candidates in any race -- but neither of his opponents was "incredibly unqualified." That's a completely unfair assessment. While Kelly was rated qualified or recommended by only 4 of the 12 bar groups, the consensus of the narratives was more 'not ready yet' than 'not qualified.' And Herrera did draw negative reviews from the CBA and CCL -- and positive ratings from everybody else. That's an unusual split, to be sure, but 10/12 is not terrible anywhere.

The Primary is over. The votes are counted. It's time to look carefully and dispassionately at what happened, and why. ¡Cálmate!

Jack Leyhane said...

@Anon 3/22 at 12:27 --

So happy to welcome Oliver Stone to our little group. Holy Conspiracy Theory, Batman!

[E]veryone knew that [E.P.] was double crossing [Herrera and Perez] and working for Stephanie Miller and Kent Delgado. All this in furtherance of helping her only true candidate, Charlie Beach. She had been spotted by multiple people passing out palm cards every day for the opposition as well as holding clandestine meetings at bars on North Ave.


Then you criticize Beach for "playing all sides." Shouldn't a candidate try and appeal to as many 'sides' as possible? How else does one hope to build a winning coalition? In the 10th Subcircuit, Colleen Reardon Daly got caught in the crossfire between John Arena and the CPD rank and file because she tried to get both Arena's support and the FOP's. It didn't lead to her defeat, but efforts were certainly made. And all because she tried to appeal to diverse interests. Mercy!

I don't know about the negative mailers either way. I wish I'd seen them. (Anyone who hasn't recycled theirs is welcome to scan and send them to me at jackleyhane@yahoo.com.) I wholeheartedly deplore negative mailers generally, and in judicial campaigns specifically -- but what do I know?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3/22/18 at 12:30 p.m. For residency, all that is required that a candidate lives in the subcircuit by the time that the nominating paperwork is filed. You can move into the subcircuit the day before you file the nominating paperwork and meet the residency requirements.

As the youth are fond of saying, don't hate the player, hate the game. Congratulations carpetbaggers Perez and Webber.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts—-Webber moved from within the district....Noble Square to her current location. Both within the 6th....

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I have dying to know, who the heck is this “E.P?” I am not being sarcastic or playing dumb- I genuinely have no idea who you all are talking about. This is why I’ll just stick with my telenovelas and NEVER run for judge- way too much intrigue and betrayal. But seriously, who is this EP?

Anonymous said...

@ March 22, 2018 12:30:00 PM - It sounds to me that in trying to defend Judges Beach and Miller you really insulted them, and I do not know if that was intended. You comment that Beach and Miller were more involved with their community than Webber and Perez. I disagree with you, by the way, but let's say you are correct. I take that to mean they had more exposure to the 6th subcircuit electorate due to their involvement, which Webber and Perez did not, because, as you comment, they recently moved into the subcircuit, which again, I disagree with you but let's say you are correct again. Then, clearly if you are correct, the 6th subcircuit electorate knew both Beach and Miller and chose NOT to vote for them. How insulting is that?

I also take issue with your unnecessary jab at 6th subcircuit judges. Like everyone else, I read every story and every comment on this blog trying to better understand, as Jack says - "the game" - so I can further my own judicial aspirations. What I have come to understand is that this is a very complicated environment in which I believe very few really understand what truly goes on behind the curtains. I like all the current and retired 6th subcircuit judges, both those I have been before and those I have met socially. I do believe that the next judge you will be hearing about on the news will not be from the 6th subcircuit; and the story will be pertaining to a sentencing as a result of a guilty verdict in a Federal criminal case. So be civil and try to maintain a little perspective. I would love to be a 6th subcircuit judge and I am sure so would a lot of others.

Micheal said...

I worked for the Delgado campaign, and I can attest that E.P. did not help in anyway. She did not call or meet with Delgado during the whole campaign

Jack Leyhane said...

I've been pretty loose on comments to this post up until now, but I've held back a few.

The attacks are starting to get really personal, and not just as to E.P. I don't want that here. And it's so contradictory anyway: E.P. was working with this person or that, E.P. is out to prevent this person or that one from making it on the associate list.... I could go on, but it's getting tiresome.

And the 'vote shaming' thing regarding another candidate - enough already. I'm not going to look it up and I'm not going to take your word for it. It doesn't matter at this point anyway.

Another commenter offers to unmask E.P. I thought, at this point, E.P.'s identity was pretty much an open secret. I mean, if I can figure it out - especially after being told about a dozen times - I had begun to believe that everyone else must know as well. But apparently I wasn't the absolute last to know (thank you Karen).

And, actually, I don't have confirmation on what I think I know, and what so many of you obviously know as well. I've had occasion to seek confirmation - and have chosen not to.

Hey, I just passed the 2,000,000 page view mark on this blog recently - and I am keenly aware that a lot of people are coming here, not for my pontifications (or not just for my pontifications - let me cling to this straw, willya?) but for the comments. For E.P.'s comments in many cases.

In my mind, therefore, E.P. has earned the right to unmask E.P., if E.P. chooses to do so. I'm guessing that this may happen soon - but, as usual, I have no inside information.

Unknown said...

Let's call it what it is and move on. 3 men in the race, did the most work, Delgado wins. 2 men and a woman, women typically get more votes, Webber wins. 2 women, minority last name, Perez wins. End of story. E.P. knows how the game is played.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting your foot down and keeping your blog as civil as possible. I will admit the allegations of intrigue, deception and manipulation are interesting to say the least! I would pontificate that a portion of that contributed to your 2,000,000+ views nut what do I know.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, E.P. here,

It's the Saturday after the primary and E.P. has had some Café Bustelo and is now ready to write.

And yes, I love to write in the third person.

First of all, thank you Anon @ 03-21-18 @ 11:51 for acknowledging that E.P was there for Judge Rosado from the very beginning. That E.P hosted a fundraiser for Rosado that netted the candidate over 10K. And that E.P then left the rest to Rosado's family and friends knowing that the powers that be in the 11th, Arroyo and Harmon, would carry her across the victory line. And thank you to Anon @ 03-21-18 for confirming the early foundational work that was done E.P.

And now to the crazy theory espoused by Anon @ 03-22-18 @ 12:27. You are uninformed and clueless. There was no double-cross of Herrera or Perez. At no time did E.P. work for Ed Burke's candidate, Delgado, or for Joe's Moreno's candidate, Miller. And thank you Michael @ 09-21-08 @ 10:57 for confirming that.

And yes, Unknown @ 03-23-18 @ 11:36, E.P. did know that Perez could beat Miller just like E.P. knew Santiago would beat Ahern in 2012.

So in the 6th sub-circuit, Ed Burke's candidate (Delgado) won his race, a "nobody that nobody sent", (Webber) won her race, and one of E.P's candidates, Perez, won her race.

The biggest loser in the 6th this election cycle, Luis Arroyo. His number one candidate, Underhill, finished 3rd in his race and is now a two-time loser. Arroyo, through his consulting firm, Spartacus, LLC and via his Northwest Side Political Action Committee, took lots of money from Underhill and Miller. I wonder if they can get their money back?

In the Cooke vacancy, the best and most qualified candidate came in second. But Charlie Beach has a bright future ahead of him. He's a class act and a true gentleman. It was an honor to work for him.

This past primary election will go down in history as one of the best ever for our community. 7 victories! Rosa Silva, Michael Gonzalez, David Navarro, Linda Perez, Joanne Rosado, Beatriz Frausto-Sandoval and last but not least, David Garcia in Will County.

I'm a happy camper. As always, E.P.

Anonymous said...

I think EP confirmed that she was only 1 for 3 on her home turf in the 6th (home turf is a tongue in check reference as she does not live there and didn't as a judge). I'm sure this will not stop her from continuing her quest to dominate the 6th but will candidates agree to pay when she can only deliver a third of the time. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! EP is back! Care to way in on Associate Judge hopefuls?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I'm not going to way-in on the associates list just yet because there were way too many sitting judges that lost last week.

Tim Evans' illegally made up "executive committee" is still trying to determine who has real clout and who can be allowed to fall by the wayside.

Yes, I said "illegally constituted" because state law does not require that the associate judge selection committee can only be made up of presiding judges. That just Tim's way of controlling the make up of the committee. In fact, any circuit court judge can sit on that committee. But Tim won't have any of that because then he can't control the outcome. He would not be able to dictate the short list.

So I will way-in on the associate judges right after the highly controlled short list is rolled out. And that shouldn't be too long in coming. After all, there are a lot of nervous judges out there right now bending lots and lots of PJ ears.

As always, E.P.

Anonymous said...

Illegally constituted? Is there something about the make up of the nominating committee that violates state law? Based on my viewing, everyone at the table was a sitting judge. That appears to be the only requirement from the statute unless I'm missing something.

This sounds a little like sour grapes but what do I know. I'm still trying to get my case called at the Daley Center.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Jack has refused to publish my previous statement so I will clean it up a little. Since it appears clear that you control much of the Hispanic voting bloc, are you available for a meeting to lobby for support?

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 03-26-08 @ 12:49,

You are correct!

The only requirement in the statute is that the nominating committee be comprised of sitting judges. It does NOT require that they be Presiding Judges.

Yet Tim Evans has limited the nominating committee to presiding judges because he alone anoints those judges, he alone controls the perks that come with a PJ assignment and hence the presiding judges are beholden to Tim and Time alone. They will do his bidding.

I hope you understand that the judiciary is not above office politics. Or any other kind of politics. Hell, it's the American way.

As always, E.P.