Saturday, March 03, 2018

In which more campaign websites are added to the blog Sidebar and some are removed

I'm not saying these websites are all new, necessarily, but they are new to the blog....

First up here is the campaign website of Tiesha L. Smith. Her website, and all the other websites mentioned in this post, have been added to the blog Sidebar.

Smith is a candidate for the Rhodes vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit.

And, speaking of the 2nd Subcircuit, also just added is a campaign website for Devlin Schoop, pictured at left. Schoop is a candidate for the Valarie Turner vacancy.

An anonymous blog reader sent me Schoop's website address, and I am grateful.

Credit: Miller & Miller Photography
I put up the campaign website countywide candidate Keely Patricia Hillison (Flanagan vacancy) yester. You'll note the photo credit on her picture. Usually, I just grab images off the campaign website or, if necessary (and possible) elsewhere on the Internet. In this case, however, the candidate specifically requested that the photographer receive credit. I thought the request noteworthy.

Dr. Albert Klumpp was kind enough to point me to Carmine Trombetta's campaign website. Trombetta is a Democratic candidate for the Maki vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit.

As long as we're adding all these sites to the Sidebar, it seems an opportune moment to retire a few. Jon Stromsta contemplated a 10th Subcircuit run this year but apparently decided against it. (He was the 'third alternate' at the 10th Subcircuit meeting this past August.) He's not on the ballot, so we'll take his site of the Sidebar. Marcellus Moore, Jr. filed for the countywide McGinnis vacancy, but withdrew in January. His website has already been abandoned; it is now removed from the Sidebar as well.

Also leaving the Sidebar is Judge Elizabeth A. Karakula's site. Judge Karakula was ruled off the ballot. Lisa Copland was also ruled off the ballot, so her site is also coming off the Sidebar, as is the site of Rivanda Doss Beal, and for the same reason. One or all of these candidates may be back in 2020.

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