Monday, March 12, 2018

United Hellenic Voters of America announce endosements in some Cook County Judicial races

The United Hellenic Voters of America have announced endorsements in several contests in Cook and surrounding contests in anticipation of next week's primary (for a complete list of the UHVA's endorsements, click here).

In Cook County Judicial races, the UHVA made endorsements in two countywide races and three subcircuit races.

In countywide races, the UHVA has decided to back Oran F. Whiting for the Brewer vacancy and Tom Sam Sianis for the Dooling vacancy.

In subcircuit races, the UHVA has endorsed Athena Farmakis (8th Subcircuit - Liu vacancy), Stephanie Saltouros (10th Subcircuit - O'Neill Burke vacancy), and Colleen Reardon Daly (10th Subcircuit - Suriano vacancy).

This information will be added to the appropriate Organizing the Data posts if time permits.

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