Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two subcircuit races now uncontested

The Illinois State Board of Elections website confirms that Judge Thomas J. Carroll today dropped his bid to hold onto the Moore vacancy in Cook County's 3rd Judicial Subcircuit. The Supreme Court had appointed Carroll to this vacancy just this past August.

Carroll's withdrawal all but ensures the election of Daniel R. Degnan, Executive Director of the Cook County Employee Pension Fund. Although five candidates initially filed in this race, all of Degnan's would-be challengers have now withdrawn.

In the 7th Subcircuit, meanwhile, Aicha Marie MacCarthy is the sole remaining candidate for the Jones vacancy, now that Melanie Nuby has been removed from the ballot pursuant by action of the Cook County Electoral Board. MacCarthy, too, is now all but guaranteed election in the fall.


Albert said...

The 3rd appears to be the most politically driven subcircuit; from what I've been able to measure, slating is much more valuable in the 3rd than in any other. You don't suppose anything political was going on with all of those candidates dropping out, do you? Naaaaahhh.....

Anonymous said...

As a concerned citizen, I would like to point out that both MacCarthy and Degnan appear to have very little trial experience -- and they are running unopposed! While quality candidates are battling each other in other races. These two attorneys, who are unqualified to sit as judges, will be on the bench, for as long as they please. How does this happen?