Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Some judicial candidate objections withdrawn, one objection sustained

Most of the objections filed against the nominating papers of many Cook County judicial candidates remain pending, but some have already been resolved, according to information posted on Cook County Clerk David Orr's website.

Objections against three of the four remaining candidates for the Stuttley vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit (Carl B. Boyd, Arthur Wesley "Wes" Willis, and Chester Slaughter) have been dropped. One of the objections against the fourth candidate in that race, Alma Learetta Tyson, has also been dropped, but another remains pending.

The objections to Michael A. Forti's candidacy have also been withdrawn. Forti is a candidate for the countywide Simmons vacancy. Objections to Karen Lynn O'Malley's candidacy (Conlon vacancy) and Brian J. Stephenson's candidacy (Ward vacancy) have also been dropped.

An objection to one countywide judicial candidate, Gwendolyn D. Bayless, has been sustained, according to the Cook County Clerk's website, apparently by default. Bayless had been running for the O'Mara Frossard vacancy.

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