Friday, January 27, 2012

Inadvertent omission: IVI-IPO endorsements in Republican judicial contests

I didn't look for a second page and, therefore, I missed the IVI-IPO's endorsements in two Republican judicial primary races.

I apologize for my inadvertent omission and thank Harry J. Fournier for calling this to my attention.

Of course, he has a particular interest in correcting my mistake: The IVI-IPO endorsed Fournier in his 4th Subcircuit race (for the Riley vacancy). (Fournier will be unopposed on the March primary ballot; his opponent was recently ruled off the ballot.)

The other IVI-IPO endorsement in a Republican race comes in the race for the Pietrucha vacancy in the 13th Subcircuit. Here, the IVI-IPO backs Nicholas G. Grapsas (whose name I have heretofore misspelled -- that error has also been corrected).

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