Friday, January 27, 2012

IVI-IPO makes 2012 judicial endorsements

The Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO) has announced its endorsements in judicial races for the March 20 Democratic Primary (obtained here and here):

Illinois Supreme Court
Joy Virginia Cunningham

Illinois Appellate Court
Cahill Vacancy - Mathias William Delort
Coleman Vacancy - Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse Jr.
Gallagher Vacancy - P. Scott Neville Jr.
O'Brien Vacancy - Jesse G. Reyes

Cook County Circuit Court (Countywide)
Conlon Vacancy - Stanley L. Hill Sr.
Frossard Vacancy - Diann Karen Marsalek
Kinnaird Vacancy - Erica L. Reddick
O'Brien Vacancy - Cynthia Ramirez
Pucinski Vacancy - No Endorsement
Simmons, Jr. Vacancy - Jessica A. O’Brien
Stewart Vacancy - Deidre Baumann
Ward Vacancy - Alfred M. Swanson, Jr.

Cook County Circuit Court (Subcircuit)
3rd Subcircuit (McGann Vacancy) - No Endorsement

4th Subcircuit ('A' Vacancy) - No Endorsement
4th Subcircuit (Riley Vacancy) - No Endorsement

6th Subcircuit (Delgado Vacancy) - Beatriz Santiago

7th Subcircuit (Starks Vacancy) - Tommy Brewer
7th Subcircuit (Toney Vacancy) - Arthur P. Wheatley

8th Subcircuit (Chiola Vacancy) - James A Shapiro
8th Subcircuit (Cole Vacancy) - Brad Trowbridge
8th Subcircuit (Roy Vacancy) - Deborah Jean Gubin

9th Subcircuit (Bender Vacancy) - Lionel Jean-Baptiste
9th Subcircuit (Epstein Vacancy) - Mary S. Trew

11th Subcircuit (O’Brien Vacancy) - Maritza Martinez
11th Subcircuit (Urso Vacancy) - Pamela McLean Meyerson

12th Subcircuit (Rochford Vacancy) - James C. Murray

Responses to IVI-IPO Questionnaires submitted by several of the Supreme Court and Appellate Court candidates (not just the candidates endorsed by the organization) can be accessed at this page of the IVI-IPO website.

Hat tip to 49th Ward Democratic Committeeman David Fagus (whose reelection bid was also endorsed by the IVI-IPO).

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