Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adams, Lacey survive Electoral Board challenges

The Cook County Clerk's website now confirms that the objections to the candidacy of 9th Subcircuit candidate David C. Adams have been overruled. Pending any possible appeal, Adams' name will appear on the March 20 Democratic Primary ballot.

Adams is a candidate for the Eptstein vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit candidate. Also in the field for that vacancy are Judge Mary S. Trew (who was appointed to this vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court), Abbey Fishman Romanek, and Associate Judge Larry Axelrood.

No Republican filed for the Epstein vacancy. The winner of the March 20 primary in this race will almost certainly be elected in November.

I previously reported here that one of the challenges to countywide judicial candidate Sammy W. Lacey Jr. had been overruled. Two other challenges to Lacey's candidacy have now been withdrawn, according to the Cook County Clerk's website, clearing Lacey to appear on the March 20 primary ballot.

Lacey is a candidate for the Stewart vacancy. Also in the race for this seat are Judge Pamela M. Leeming, Terrence M. Jordan, Deidre Baumann, Mary Margaret Burke, Rhonda SalleƩ and Steve Demitro.

There is no Republican candidate for this countywide vacancy (or for any other countywide Circuit Court or Appellate Court vacancy). The winner of the March 20 primary in this race will likewise be almost certainly elected in November.

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